Urkhan (er-KAHN) is the Orcish word for “orc-land” and is used to describe all of their conquered territories. For the purposes of the rest of the world, this encompasses only their islands of origin.


Urkhan (or the Isles of Urkhan) is comprised of four island in the far east of the Urkhani Sea. These islands lie east of the rock formation known as the Kraken’s Teeth. These islands are largely tropical and wild. Three of these islands are inhabited. The fourth island is small and of little notice to the Orcs that rule there.

Cities and Places of Interest

Orcs are not creatures that often establish permanent homes, being nomadic by nature and scavengers by choice. However, there are several orcish settlements on the islands. The village of Karsk lies on the southern tip of the westernmost island. Sartuk lies near the heart of the northernmost inhabited isle. Takor and Ruark lie on the north and south shores, respectively, of the easternmost island. Finally, the orcs have established a village on the mainland, just south of The Rift called Hassuk.


The history of Urkhan is mostly of warfare and blood. They emerged as raiders on the mainland of Zaldara sometime during The Scattering and have been a scourge ever since. These initial excursions established the mainland tribes that currently maraud throughout the central countries of Yulania, Ornis, and southern Leilior and Borael. Smaller bands have infiltrated throughout the civilized lands and have even traveled as far north as Jossia.

Island-based raiders ride out from their homeland and strike at Achera and have even ventured as far as The Jirran Freeholds.

Over the centuries, the Urkhani have demonstrated a particular hatred of The Saelfsidhedai (elves) and The Haduarkan (dwarves).

Laws and Governance

The Urkhani are tribal in nature and are led by the strongest and most powerful member of the tribe or band. Settlements are often ruled by a lesser orc (sometimes even a female orc) as prowess in warfare is held to be in higher esteem than ruling a territory, or by a priest of their god, Saarask.

Orcish society is primitive, brutish, and based entirely on demonstrations of strength.


Urkhani have little patience with manufacturing or tradesman ship. Their economy is based upon raiding, looting, and scavenging from other races and each other.

Money System
Metal CP* SP* GP* PP*
Copper 1 1/10 1/100 1/1,000
Silver 10 1 1/10 1/100
Gold 100 10 1 1/10
Platinum 1,000 100 10 1

*CP = Copper Piece, SP = Silver Piece, GP = Gold Piece, and PP = Platinum Piece

Racial Characteristics

This savage creature looks like a bestial version of a savage human, with green-gray skin and greasy black hair. Most sport pointed ears and often have over-sized pointed teeth and/or tusks as well as clawed hands. An adult male orc is roughly 6 feet tall and 210 pounds. Females are slightly smaller in build and in height.


The primary language of the Urkhani is Urkahani. It is a gutteral, course tongue and difficult for non-orcs to learn. Many orcs learn Tradespeak as well in order to understand their enemies better.

Popular Names
  • Male: Brusk, Gurach, Harsk, Murtak, Surark, Tark, Zorsk
  • Female : Agda, Gurla, Hartha, Mura, Ratha, Sarth, Torsha, Zuthra


Orcs almost universally worship their racial god Saarask.

Sorcery and Wizardry

Orcs fear and hate sorcery and its practitioners. It is seen as a weak, “elvish” thing.


As a culture, orcs are violent and aggressive, with the strongest ruling the the rest through fear and brutality. They take what they want by force and think nothing of slaughtering or enslaving entire villages when they can get away with it. They have little time for niceties or details and their camps and villages tend to be filthy, ramshackle affairs filled with drunken brawls, pit fights, and other sadistic entertainment. Lacking the patience for farming and only able to shepherd the most robust and self-sufficient animals, orcs almost always find it easier to take what someone else has built than to create things themselves. They are arrogant and quick to anger when challenged, but only worry about honor so far as it directly benefits them to do so.


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