The Rivening


Is not destruction a form of creation? For, without the Rivening, how would the Acheran’s have risen from the ashes to dominate the world? How would we live in the manner in which we now not only survive, but thrive in the face of creative destruction… From the journals of the Acheran, 447 AT

The Rivening is the commonly used term for the mysterious event that caused the creation of The Rift and the utter destruction of The Aedonii and The Ysar. The cause of this catacylsm is the subject of much specularion, though it still remains a mystery.

Did the Elder Races displease the Old Gods? Was the land struck by a huge stone from the heavens? Did the earth simply split, having grown too large on its axis? Did the Elder Races destroy each other in a powerful, world-changing war? No one knows for certain. . .

The Rivening

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