The Haduarkan

Human and Non-Human Races

Dwarves (aka “Haduarkan” [ha-DWAR-can] in their language) are a stoic but stern race, ensconced in cities carved from the hearts of mountains deep in their domain of Hadurk-Sur. More than any other race, the Dwarves have acquired a reputation as dour and humorless craftsmen of the earth.

Physical Description

Dwarves are short and stocky, standing about a foot shorter than most humans with wide compact bodies that account for their burly appearance. Both Male and female Dwarves pride themselves on the length of their hair and men often decorate their beards with a variety of clasps, beads, gems, and intricate braids. No one trusts a beardless dwarf…


The great distances between their mountain citadels account for many of the cultural differences that exist within Dwarven society. Most Dwarves trust their clan first and count other dwarves as only a notch above other races.

Despite the schisms, Dwarves throughout the world are known by their love of stonework, their passion for stone-and metal-based craftsmanship and architecture, and a fierce hatred of giants, Orcs,and Goblinoids.


Dwarves and Orcs have had a longstanding enmity throughout their histories. Dwarves also generally shun and distrust Half-Orcs.

They find Halflings and Elves to be too “pretty” and too flighty to be worthy of respect.

Humankind’s industrious nature and hearty appetites come closest to matching those of the Dwarven ideal.

Alignment and Religion

Dwarves tend to be driven by honor and tradition and have a strong sense of friendship and justice. As a result, most Dwarves are Lawful Good.

The primary god of the Dwarves is Skondir aka “The Maker”. They also venerate their ancestors and various heroes of the dwarven race (such as Fundin Glitterstone).


Dwarven adventurers can be found in most regions of the world, leaving the confines of their home to seek glory for their clans, to find wealth, or to reclaim fallen Dwarven citadels from ancient enemies. Most Dwarves tend toward classes such as Fighter or Barbarian.


Male : Dolgrin, Frorin, Fundin, Grunyar, Gundror, Harsk, Hordvi, Kazmuk, Morgrym, Rogar, Thundvor
Female : Agna, Bodill, Gloga, Grodlis, Ingra, Kotri, Norda, Rusilka, Sturlis, Throrrith, Yangrit

The Haduarkan

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