The Aedonii


With the post-cataclysmic awe we humans give to our Aedonii ancestors, and the outlandish stories we still tell, it would not surprise me to find that we have given up the Old Gods in favor of new, worshiping and giving credence to our memories of the Aedonii as deities… — From the journals of the Acheran, 445 AT

The Aedonii, together with The Ysar were one of the two Elder Races who ruled the world before The Rivening. Humans claim ancestry of the Aedonii, while Elves claim to be descendants of The Ysar.

According to legend, the Aedonii were much like their own descendants: versatile, adaptable, and more practical than more ethereal Ysar. However, while shorter-lived than their nigh immortal counterparts, the Aedonii were reputed to live for hundreds of years. Further, they were reputed to be more adept at the mystical arts and were thought to be stronger, faster, and more physically capable than modern Humans.

The Aedonii

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