Elemental Lords

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Sharash (SHAR-ahsh) is an ancient and mysterious being of elemental fire, one of the four prime elements that shape the universe.

Sharash is primarily associated with fire, energy, purification, and passion.


Sharash, like the other elemental lords, lies outside the mortal pantheons of deities formed on Zaldara. As such, his motives (and that of his church) often seem alien and mysterious to humans and non-humans alike. Nevertheless, his church has existed since time immemorial, though often waning in popularity due to its disconnect from the mythologies shaped by the humanoid races.


Sharash is one of four elemental lords, the others being: Noorath (Lady of Air), Oshalas (Lady of the Waters), and Kharthak (Lord of the Earth).

Though all of the elemental lords are aligned with true neutrality due to their disregard for human concepts of law, chaos, good, and evil, Sharash is often seen as the most passionate of the elemental lords and, as such, finds himself in conflict more often with the others—especially Lady Oshalas, as their natures tend to conflict the most often.

Though he bestows gifts upon them, Sharash has a highly indifferent relationship with his followers, seldom appearing in person to aid them and holding council only with the highest members of his church.

Appearances and Emissaries

In rare appearances upon this plane, Sharash often takes the form of a winding pillar of flame. He has also been said to appear as a warrior in obsidian armor with flaming eyes and hair. More often seen are lesser elemental spirits of flame.

Worship of Sharash

Fire is pure. Fire is the root of all passion. Fire is energy, the force that propels the world on its axis and binds it together. Fire is the catalyst of creation—and destruction. By emulating the force of fire, you become dynamic, passionate, and pure. Purification of the world by flame will be the ultimate goal of Sharash, shaping it to his desires and will.

Followers and clergy generally choose noon or sunrise for their prayers, gazing into a sacred flame (a flame began with blessed oils/kindling).

Worshipers and Clergy

Sharash will accept the veneration of any being that wishes to feel the purification of flame upon their soul and hold the sacred fires upon their heart.

Clergy will often wear stylized robes that begin with red at the hem and progress through orange and then to yellow at the collar, emulating flame. They also often carry a small brazier with them, constantly lit and smoking, in imitation of the Eternal Flame of Creation.

Temples and Shrines

Temples and shrines to Sharash always feature an Eternal Flame, meant to emulate the Eternal Flame of Creation. Rites are often closed to the public, meant only for the adherents to Sharash’s will. It is said that of the more fanatical members of the Church will immolate themselves during these rites. As these tend to be the more poor or mentally “touched” members, outsiders wonder if the Church use their fanaticism as a tool to keep other members in line and to stir passions.


The worshipers of Sharash hold Starfall as a holy month, a time in which the flames of the firmament come hurtling down to earth. Each Contemplation day is filled with day-long rites and ceremonies while the nights are filled with well-lit revelry.


Certain devout followers of Sharash indulge in daily rituals that bestow the blessings of the Lord of Flame upon them. While sprinkling holy oils on an open flame and chanting ancient words to placate the Elemental Lord of Fire, gain a +4 sacred or profane (your choice) bonus vs. fire effects and an additional fire resistance of 10.


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