Orcish Pantheon
Human and Non-Human Races

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Saarask (SAR-ahsk) is the deity of the Urkhani (orcs). He is the progenitor of that race and dedicated to warfare and strength of arms. He harbors an especial hatred for followers of Celandian and Skondir and their followers.


Above all else, Saarask demands that his followers be strong. Cull the weak from the herd and take all the territory the weaker races. Unceasing warfare is his creed.

Saarask decries all that is not Urkhani—especially the weakling elves and the stunted dwarves.

Clergy and Temples

Saarask’s clerics are often war leaders or advisers to war leaders. They urge the community to take up Saarask’s creed and push leaders to cull the weak from the tribe. They are usually found wearing fighting gear marked with the bloody spear.

A temple or shrine to Saarask lies at the heart of every Urkahni community. They tend to be oppressive with the stink of smoke and blood. Larger temples invariably have holding cells where sacrifices to the god are kept. Some may even support gladiatorial arenas as well.


Saarask appears as a hulking orc in black full-plate armor. He carries a eternally bloody spear called “Fleshbreaker” at all times.


Certain devout followers of Saarask perform daily rituals called “obediences” in order to gain special blessings from the deity. Heat a spearhead in flame. Mark the flesh with the hot steel and do not cry out (DC 20 Will). Gain a +4 profane bonus to saves and a +2 profane bonus to hit with spears (and their variants: short spear, etc.).


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