The religious life of Zaldara is as varied as it is rich. Though Mazranism dominated during the time of the Empire, the older pantheons never died and, indeed, thrived throughout the continentFrom “Of Gods and Men” by The Acheran, 453 AT

[[Faith|Rules governing Faith for followers and faith-based classes]

Acheran Pantheon Dhakranism Dwarven Pantheon Elemental Lords
Elven Pantheon Halfling Pantheon Midron Pantheon Northron Pantheon
Orcish Pantheon Sianaean Pantheon Tarsian Pantheon Demon Lords
Druhani The Serpent’s Path The Crimson Ascent

The Deities of Zaldara

Deity Pantheon AL Symbol Domains Favored Weapon
Azumartuk Acheran LG Golden balance scales Earth, Glory, Good, Law, War Falchion
Azumazran Acheran NG Great Brass Dragon Fire, Glory, Good, Knowledge Morningstar
Azunapath Acheran CG Orb (life-giving egg) Glory, Good, Water, Healing Staff
The Nazul Acheran CE Chaos symbol w/vortex at center Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil Kukri
Dhakranism Dhakranism LG 8-colored swirl in a circle Good, Law None
Shandorianism Dhakranism LG 8-colored swirl in a circle N/A N/A
Arthald Dwarven NG Grey anvil Good, Strength Warhammer
Brunfir Dwarven LN Two hands, clasped together, bound by a ribbon Law, Nobility Warhammer
Duragh Dwarven NG Ruby Charm, Good, Healing Quarterstaff
Fundin Glitterstone Dwarven CG Golden Axe Chaos, Charm, Good, Luck, Strength, Trickery Battleaxe
Hrosk Dwarven NE Black flame Artifice, Charm, Darkness, Evil, Trickery Light hammer
Kalthis Dwarven LN Icy battleaxe Knowledge, Law Battleaxe
Malgra Dwarven LG Elaborate golden bowl Community, Law, Nobility, Good Mace
Skondir Dwarven LG Hammer with a fiery head Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection Warhammer
Trunthar Dwarven LG Two axes bound in red ribbon Community, Good, Law Warhammer
Kharthak Elemental N Split circle, half black, half white Earth, Protection Heavy mace
Noorath Elemental N Blue/White swirl Air, Weather Unarmed strike
Oshalas Elemental N Silver trident Earth, Protection Trident
Sharash Elemental N Ring of Fire Water, Healing Falchion
Celandian Elven CG Crescent moon with star Chaos, Good, Protection, War Longsword
Eltheriel Elven NG Rainbow-hued loom Good, Knowledge, Magic, Rune Quarterstaff
Findenrior Elven NG Longbow Animal, Plant, Protection, Travel Longbow
Glorindiel Elven LN A golden key Community, Law, Magic, Protection Quarterstaff
Torphanoc Elven CE A black and silver eye Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery Dagger
Prathimir Halfling NE Small hand with red claws Evil, Luck, Trickery Dagger
Rosaela Halfling NG Pair of cupped hands Good, Luck, Protection, Travel Short Sword
Barthal Midron LG Balance with sword as fulcrum Good, Law, Nobility, Protection Longsword
Cereth Midron LG White 8-pointed star Glory, Good, Healing, Protection Mace
Davran Midron CG Red flame bound by a golden circle Charm, Community, Good, Protection Short Bow
Halor Midron CG Stylized red sun Good, Healing, Sun Composite longbow
Hathras Midron LN Bisected disc of blue and white Air, Weather, Travel Unarmed strike
Ithya Midron N A glowing, open scroll Artifice, Knowledge, Liberation Sling
Jolus Midron NG Black disc Charm, Darkness, Luck, Trickery Dagger
Kartal Midron NG Silver Arrow Animal, Good, Plant Short Bow
Kysk Midron CE Red blood drop Chaos, Death, Evil Short sword
Modthras Midron NE Stylized black sun Darkness, Death, Evil, Magic Scythe
Morria Midron LE Raven clutching black spear Death, Law, Evil, War Spear
Nekras Midron NE Pentagram Darkness, Death, Evil, Magic Flail
Nimar Midron CN Wave symbol on open palm Water, Weather, Travel Trident
Panala Midron N Sheaf of grain bound in gold Earth, Plant, Protection Short Spear
Ramala Midron CN Spinning gold coin Chaos, Liberation, Luck, Trickery Dagger
Sabreel Midron CN Multicolored swirl with black vortex at center Chaos, Darkness, Madness, Trickery Starknife
Sadum Midron N Black, upturned hand Darkness, Death, Repose Scythe
Sima Midron CN Four paneled fan of elements Chaos, Liberation, Magic Dagger
Simaeus Midron LN Golden, Illuminated, Scroll Knowledge, Magic, Rune Quarterstaff
Syl Midron NG Rampant unicorn Animal, Good, Plant Longsword
Sylene Midron CN Half-black, half-silver disc Chaos, Trickery Sickle
Torth Midron NG Hammer and Anvil Artifice, Community, Earth, Fire, Good Warhammer
Vandar Midron LN Four interlocking rings Community, Law, Nobility Bola
Xuxia Midron CN Three-pronged flame, unbound Chaos, Charm, Fire, Liberation Whip
Aelfir Northron NE Red eye Death, Destruction, Evil, Water Great Club
Bruni Northron LN Runic symbol Law, Protection, Rune, War Longsword
Einarr Northron CN Winged boot Chaos, Luck, Travel Short Sword
Eydis Northron NE Clawed hand Death, Destruction, Evil Longsword
Guthrun Northron N Woman large with child Animal, Community, Knowledge Unarmed strike
Halli Northron NG Sword-shaped beam of light Air, Good, Plant, Sun Greatsword
Hallveig Northron NG Falcon Air, Charm, Good, Magic Longsword
Isranthr Northron CN Longbow Chaos, Protection, Travel Longbow
Ivarr Northron NG Silver chalice Good, Healing, Knowledge Longsword
Jörn Northron CE Ring of flame Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery Dagger
Ketill Northron LN Open palm Knowledge, Protection, Strength Longsword
Saehildr Northron CG Shining longsword Chaos, Good, War Longsword
Saemundil Northron LG Horn Good, Law, Protection, War Longsword
Solveig Northron N Mountain peak Earth, Strength, Weather Great Axe
Ulfethinn Northron CG Storm cloud Chaos, Good, Protection, Strength, War, Weather Warhammer
Ulfir Northron NG Conch shell Air, Good, Water Longspear
Yülthn Northron NG Crooked staff Air, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Travel, Trickery, War Short spear
Graathira Orcish CE Grinning orc skull wearing a spiked-chain crown Chaos, Evil, Strength Heavy flail
Kurthaax Orcish CE Clawed hand gripping bloody gold coin Chaos, Charm, Evil, Trickery Battleaxe
Saarask Orcish CE Bloody Spear Chaos, Evil, Strength, War Spear
Arkal Sianaean LN Stylized hawk in flight Air, Community, Law Warhammer
Charad Sianaean LG Stylized phoenix, preening Good, Fire, Glory, Law Short Spear
Hurir Sianaean NG Running horse Good, Nobility, Travel Flail
Imtiau Sianaean CN A diving/striking raven Chaos, Liberation, Luck, Trickery Sling
Ragane Sianaean CG Profile of a winged sphinx Good, Liberation, Protection, Strength Morningstar
Samal Sianaean LE Wolf’s head, howling Animal, Evil, Law Dagger
Urskil Sianaean NE Coiled green snake, poised to strike Earth, Evil, Knowledge Trident
Zhyor Sianaean CE Rampant red dragon Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire Whip
Irthani Tarsian LG Eudaimon Artifice, Good, Law, Sun, Water Morningstar
Praathi Tarsian LN Hammer and Shield Darkness, Earth, Law, Protection Warhammer
Shazira Tarsian LE Flaming scimitar Darkness, Evil, Fire, Law Scimitar
Druhani Druidism N 3 interlocking rings N/A Sickle
The Serpent’s Path Monks LN Ouroboros N/A Unarmed Strike
The Crimson Ascent Monks LE Ringed Red Triangle N/A Unarmed Strike


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