Elemental Lords

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Oshalas (oh-SHAH-lahs) is an ancient and mysterious being of elemental water, one of the four prime elements that shape the universe.

Oshalas is primarily associated with water, seas, rivers, and healing.


Oshalas, like the other elemental lords, lies outside the mortal pantheons of deities formed on Zaldara. As such, her motives (and that of her church) often seem alien and mysterious to humans and non-humans alike. Nevertheless, her church has existed since time immemorial, though often waning in popularity due to its disconnect from the mythologies shaped by the humanoid races.


Oshalas is one of four elemental lords, the others being: Noorath (Lady of Air), Sharash (Lord of the Flames), and Kharthak (Lord of the Earth).

Though all of the elemental lords are aligned with true neutrality due to their disregard for human concepts of law, chaos, good, and evil, Oshalas is often seen as the most gentle of the elemental lords and, as such, finds herself in conflict most often with Lord Sharash, as their natures tend to conflict the most often.

Oshalas nurtures her followers and her church, bestowing her gifts upon them both and working actively to promote her worship.

Appearances and Emissaries

In rare appearances upon this plane, Oshalas often takes the form of a twisting pillar of water. She has also been said to appear as a gentle priestess in green robes with sea-green eyes and hair. More often seen are lesser elemental spirits of water.

Worship of Oshalas

Water is the elixir of life. It is also a nurturing force, the first cradle of human young. But, when stirred to anger, it is a mighty tide or wave of such destructive power that nothing can withstand it.

Followers and clergy often pray during the times of high tide, when the waters are most active. If possible, they pray while immersed.

Worshipers and Clergy

Oshalas will accept the veneration of any being that wishes to feel the water’s embrace.

Clergy often wear sea-green robes and carry elaborate water-bearers—essentially glass flasks on gold chains which contain holy water.

Temples and Shrines

Temples and shrines to Oshalas tend to be built on or near the waterfront. They always contain a sacred immersion pool for prayer and often contain other rooms with contemplation pools. Often temples have elaborate water gardens that are linked throughout the structure.


The worshipers of Oshalas hold the month of Growth as holy. Each Contemplation day is marked with immersion ceremonies and festivals by the nearest body of water.


Certain devout followers of Oshalas perform daily rituals in order to receive a special blessing from the Elemental Lord. Either at the waterfront, or before a pool of water, gaze and contemplate the patterns of the ripples across the water. Find their hidden meaning. Contemplate their mysteries. Gain a +4 sacred or profane (your choice) bonus vs. water effects and a +4 bonus to Swim and Heal checks.


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