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Ornis (OR-niss) comes from an ancient Acheran word meaning “plains between the rivers” and aptly describes the land of this region.


This relatively small country lies on the plains between two rivers, the River Ornis and the Mondira River. Its southwest coastal border abuts the Sea of Jirra and houses two powerful ports (Kalimsport and Crownport). In the southwest corner of the country, formed by waters flowing down from the Slayt Mountains, is King’s Lake, the second-largest freshwater lake on the continent.

Cities and Places of Interest

Two of the most powerful trade cities in the known world are in Ornis: Kalimsport and Crownport. Both lie on the Sea of Jirra, but Kalimsport also lies where the Mondira River meets the Arahani River. It is also the hub of most of the western trade routes. Crownport lies north along the coast near the base of the Slayt Mountains. The capital of Ornis is at Crownport.

North of the ports lie the cities of Laketon (on King’s Lake), Glofthall, and Pylar-Hollton (with the city of Hollton being the Ornish holding).

The country’s sole Tower of Sorcery, Tower Iosabail, lies along the road between Glofthall and Pylar-Hollton.



Ornis was made up of disparate tribesmen that primarily lived along its coastal regions during The Scattering. These tribesmen established powerful trading cities at the ports that later became Kalimsport and Crownport. Once established, the sailors grew in power and prestige, laying claims to more interior lands with mercenary armies backed by coastal coins. As the Acheran Empire rose, so did Ornis, declaring itself a nation under its own king shortly before the Acherans arrived.

The Imperial Period

Ornis was actually a young nation-state of its own when conquered by the Acheran Empire. Though known as great sailors and tradesmen, their land forces fell easily to the Imperial legions. Kalimsport was already a rich and prosperous city at this time and its capture was a real boon to the rapidly expanding empire.

The Ornish royals-in-exile later attempted to take advantage of Kalimsport’s importance by laying siege to the city and organizing a sea embargo of the port. The Empire countered by kidnapping and holding for ransom their young king, Gorlas Rowyn. The siege and embargo ended until the King’s release, some twenty years later as the Empire withdrew from Ornis forever.

Post-Imperial Ornis

Ornis was one of the last provinces released by the Acheran Empire, the riches of Kalimsport were simply too plentiful to unhand. Legions occupied that city until the bitter end, leaving once King Gorlas Rowyn was released from his captivity. The King’s first act was to secure the ports along his coast (both Kalimsport and Crownport) so that he could properly fund the rebuilding of his country. Ornis prospered grew rich once again off of its powerful ports.

Ornis maintains binding trade agreements with all of its neighbors that help protect it despite its lack of military prowess. They are known to be shrewd traders and not easily fooled.

Laws and Governance

Ornis is ruled by a feudal, hereditary, patriarchal monarchy. The crown passes from first-born son to first-born son. Ornis has a strong tradition of law and precedents that bind commoner and royal alike.

Ornis is currently ruled by King Daveth Pynrose, the first of his line to take the throne after a relatively bloody recent civil war that destroyed the now-former royal line of Rowyn.

Royal, Noble, and Political Titles of Ornis

Property Laws for Kalimsport and Ornis

Gambling Laws for Kalimsport and Ornis

Sport Fighting in Kalimsport

Duels in Kalimsport and Ornis

Prostitution in Kalimsport

Orphanages in Kalimsport


Ornis lacks much in natural resources—with the exception of the large port that is maintained by the city of Kalimsport. This, the most prosperous city in the known world, powers the nation’s economy. The rest of the country is very rural and covered in feudal subsistence farming.

Money System
Denomination Metal CP* SP* GP* PP*
Penny Copper 1 1/10 1/100 1/1,000
Shilling Silver 10 1 1/10 1/100
Florin Gold 100 10 1 1/10
Noble Platinum 1,000 100 10 1

*CP = Copper Piece, SP = Silver Piece, GP = Gold Piece, and PP = Platinum Piece

Ethnic Groups

Ornis has a very diverse population, housing the single-most successful trade city in the world in Kalimsport. Further, there is a great deal of Southron influence in the otherwise Midron land due to the long arm of Acheran influences.

Racial Characteristics

Ornish men and women tend to have Midron features, though with darker hair and eyes than their northern brethren.


Common languages spoken in Ornis are Tradespeak, Ornish, Acheran, Yulani, and Kuskar

Popular Names

Most Ornishmen have a given name and a surname (or family name). Some common surnames are: Chenwyth, Grybbin, Lanyon, Pynwarden, Rosewall, Skewes, Trevarrow, Venton, Wyndle, Yew

  • Noble houses : Pynrose (royal), Berriman, Gynn, Morcym, Polmyr, Uryen, Voss, Withiel, Cranbarrow
  • Male : Alun, Branek, Cador, Caswyn, Colyn, Daveth, Ervyn, Gerens, Jory, Melor, Perryn, Ruan, Seleven, Talyk, Trystan, Uther
  • Female : Angelet, Baerlayne, Esyld, Gwynfer, Kerra, Lowenna, Meliora, Nelwyn, Tamsyn


While most of the country worship the Midron pantheon, Mazranism is especially popular in the southern portions of Ornis.

Sorcery and Wizardry

Ornis is a signer of the Athanasius Pact and houses a single Tower of Sorcery (Tower Iosabail).



Ornish music is bombastic and pipe heavy, though lively. It is not very popular among non-Ornishmen.


Ornish cuisine is heavily influenced by its proximity to Yulania and Achera, being very savory and relying heavily on spices.


Ornish clothing for men is very practical—breeches, tunics, jerkins, etc. Women tend to wear bodices, blouses, and skirts—if not full dresses. In marked contrast with their Yulanian neighbors, Ornish women do not wear low necklines and backless clothing.


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