Elemental Lords

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Noorath (NOOR-ahth) is an ancient and mysterious being of elemental air, one of the four prime elements that shape the universe.

Noorath is primarily associated with air, wind, and breath.


Noorath, like the other elemental lords, lies outside the mortal pantheons of deities formed on Zaldara. As such, her motives (and that of her church) often seem alien and mysterious to humans and non-humans alike. Nevertheless, her church has existed since time immemorial, though often waning in popularity due to its disconnect from the mythologies shaped by the humanoid races.


Noorath is one of four elemental lords, the others being: Sharash (Lord of the Flames), Oshalas (Lady of the Waters), and Kharthak (Lord of the Earth).

Though all of the elemental lords are aligned with true neutrality due to their disregard for human concepts of law, chaos, good, and evil, Noorath is often seen as the most unpredictable of the elemental lords and, as such, finds herself in conflict more often with the others—especially Lord Kharthak, as their natures tend to conflict the most often.

Appearances and Emissaries

In rare appearances upon this plane, Noorath often takes the form of a lightning-filled whirlwind. She has also been said to appear as a robed woman with white hair and sky-colored eyes.

Worship of Noorath

Air is the breath of life and a force of destruction. This can be wrought with the fierce anger of the whirlwind or the slow deliberation of erosion. The wind is a mighty force in the world—the harbinger of storms, the cool breeze on the sunburned face, the gasping, desperate breath of a dying man.

Followers and clergy generally to pray in open spaces, under the sky and wind. Time of day matters little to Noorath.

Worshipers and Clergy

Noorath will accept the veneration of any being that wishes to feel the breath of life stir their soul.

Clergy often don white, hooded robes and carry stylized fans, decorated with sacred symbols, with which to stir the air.

Temples and Shrines

Temples and shrines to Noorath are generally open air affairs, or cunningly designed to funnel currents of air into the main the sanctuary so that all in attendance can feel air upon their skins during times of worship. Often, patrons of Noorath will worship in high eyries or upon mountainsides.


The worshipers of Noorath hold Changewind as a holy month, a time in which the winds of change roll through the land. Each Contemplation day is filled with day-long rites and ceremonies while the nights are filled with revelry.


Certain devout followers perform daily rituals that bestow special blessings from the deity. With a specially-prepared fan, stir the breeze about you and breath it in, contemplating the various scents and dusts being carried upon it. Meditate upon the various roles that air can play in the drama of the world. Gain a +4 sacred or profane (your choice) bonus vs. air effects and a +4 to Fly checks.


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