Achera is a country on the southern coast of Zaldara. Though no longer a great empire, Achera is one of the more powerful nations on the continent. . . (see more)

The Barthud

The Barthud are a race of barbaric nomads that dare to live, and even thrive to an extent, in the Eastern Wastes. . . (see more)


Borael (bore-AY-el) is derived from the word “Hyboaeri”, the name of the Midron tribe that dominated that region in the times of The Scattering. . . (see more)


Eacenia (ya-SEN-ee-ah) is named for the Eaceni tribes that settled in this area and comprise most of the ethnic stock of this region. . . (see more)


The term “Hadurk-Sur” (HA-dirk SOOR) comes from the ancient Haduarkan (dwarven) word for “Realm of the People”. . . (see more)

The Jirran Freeholds

Jirra (JEER-ah) was the name of the founder of the settlement that became a city and the namesake of the entire region. . .The Freeholds exist on a series of islands grouped in the heart of the Sea of Jirra. . .(see more)


Jossia [(JOS-ee-ah) or (YOS-ee-ah)] is a loose coalition of Northron tribesmen confined by geography to the northern peninsula of Zaldara. . . (see more)


Kuskar is a small, fiercely independent, nation to the north of Achera and south of Yulania, in southeast Zaldara. The people there are known for their iconoclastic (some say simply stubborn) manner and their outstanding cuisine. . . (see more)


Leilior (LAY-lee-or) means “in the shade of the peaks” in the tongue of the ancient Duindir tribesmen from which modern Leiliorans descend. . . (see more)

Melnys Vale

Melnys Vale (MEL-niss) is named for the near legendary halfling Melnys Farstrider who, according to legend, discovered the bounty of the vale and settled there. . . (see more)


Ornis (OR-niss) comes from an ancient Acheran word meaning “plains between the rivers” and aptly describes the land of this region. . . (see more)


Saelfsidhedal (say-ELF-shee-head-all) comes from the same Elvish root as their word for themselves, Saelfsidhedai, meaning “the people”. Saelfsidhedal is the “place of the people”. . . (see more)


Sianae (see-AH-nay) comes from an ancient Sianaen word meaning “people of Siannis”, the principle city-state early Sianae. . . (see more)


Tarsas emerged as one of the most powerful city-states of the post-Scattering era, rivaled only by Achera in power and empire. . . (see more)

The Underground Kingdom

Far beneath the surface of the world lies a nation of city-states and settlements, united only in their hatred of the light of day and the. . . (see more)


Urkhan (er-KAHN) is the Orcish word for “orc-land” and is used to describe all of their conquered territories. . . (see more)


Yulania (you-LAH-nee-ah) is derived from the name of Yulani tribesmen that originally occupied the region. . . (see more)


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