Human and Non-Human Races

Midron peoples tend to populate the central and western portions of Zaldasa. This includes the nations of Leilior, Ornis, Yulania, Borael, Eacenia, and northeast Sianae.

Midrons are fairer skinned than their Southron neighbors. Those from southern nations (such as Yulania) tend toward being olive-skinned, while those in the north of Leilior and Borael tend toward lighter, not-quite-pale skin. Hair color ranges anywhere from brown to dirty blonde to redish brown/blonde and eyes tend toward brown, green, or hazel. Some, those generally from the far north north of the region, tend toward blue eyes and reddish blonde hair.

Midron facial structure tends toward the more delicate, with high angular cheekbones and thin noses and lips.

Midron men and women generally grow to 5’8 to 6’, with anyone standing over 6’ tall being an unusual occurrence.

Leiliorans are known for their tendency to be blonde or even have red-gold hair and fair eyes.

Yulanians, especially those from the south of their country, tend to be darker-featured, with olive skin and black or brown hair and dark eyes.

The Borael tend to be fairer skinned (thought not as fair as Northrons) and have blue or green eyes.


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