Kalimsport is one of the great port cities of the world, situated on the Sea of Jirra at the intersection of two rivers and the major trade routes of four different nations (Ornis, Kuskar, The Jirran Freeholds and Achera).


Blue dolphin on a white field

Stat Block

N Metropolis

Corruption +4
Crime +3
Economy +7
Law +5
Lore +7
Society +2

Qualities: Academic, Holy Site, Notorious, Prosperous, Strategic Location, Tourist Attraction
Danger: +20
Government: Overlord
Population: 35,000 (10% Elf/Half-Elf, 10% Halfling, 10% Dwarf, 5% Half-Orc)
Notable NPCs:

Base Value: 30,400 gp
Purchase Limit: 200,000 gp
Spellcasting: 11th
Minor: * ; Medium: 4d4 ; Major: 3d4

Taxes and Tariffs

Gate Tax 5 cp/person ; 1 sp/livestock
Duties 3% on all imports for sale
Harbor Tax 5 gp per day
Property Tax 3% annually

Money Changing

Coin may be exchanged for any denomination in Kalimsport for a fee of 2%. This fee can be avoided by members of banks and trade guilds.


The city of Kalimsport is ruled by its Overlord. The post is hereditary and has been for nearly four hundred years. The current Overlord is Colyn Voss, a direct descendant of Kalim Voss who established the original settlement.

The Overlord appoints all of the major positions in the city save those of the clergy.

The Lord Chamberlain presides over the city’s bureaucracy. This bureaucracy is devoted primarily to the maintenance of the city treasury and the collection of taxes. The Lord Chamberlain is also the keeper of all the city’s records.

The Lord High Magistrate presides over the city’s court system. He appoints lesser magistrates for each of the city’s districts.

The Captain of the Watch presides over the city’s militia and local enforcement of the Overlord’s law.

The Harbormaster presides over the city’s harbor watch and collects duties and tariffs in the Overlord’s name.

Kalimsport is also the seat of the Duke of Southmarch. While tradition holds that he allows the Overlord to have free reign in Kalimsport, he does have immense influence in the city and in southern Ornis.

Property Laws for Kalimsport and Ornis

Gambling Laws for Kalimsport and Ornis

Sport Fighting in Kalimsport

Duels in Kalimsport and Ornis

Prostitution in Kalimsport

Orphanages in Kalimsport


The Merchant’s Guild

Trade in Kalimsport is also regulated by a powerful Merchant’s Guild. The Guildmaster of the Merchant’s Guild has a seat on the inner council of the Overlord. Members of the Guild receive protection form excessive taxes imposed by the lords and land owners.

The Charter of the Merchant’s Guild includes:

  • A ban on, or fines imposed, on any illicit trading by non-Merchant’s Guild members
  • Fines imposed on any Merchant’s Guild members who violated the Merchant’s Guild’s charter
  • Members of the Merchant Guilds are protected and any Merchant’s Guild member who falls sick is cared for by the Guild. Burials of Guild members are arranged and the Merchant’s Guild undertakes to care for any orphans
  • The members of Merchant’s Guild also provides protection for horses, wagons, and goods when moving about the land
  • Competition between members is regulated by fixed pricing policies – advertising and price cutting is banned
  • Quality of goods or workmanship: Goods and services were inspected and members were expected to undertake long apprenticeships

Craft Guilds

There are numerous craft guilds within the city as well. Each regulate trade within their chosen occupation. Much like the Merchant’s Guild, the Craft Guilds are each governed by a Guild Charter which includes:

  • A ban on, or fines imposed, on any illicit trading by non Craft Guild members
  • Fines imposed on any Craft Guild members who violate the charter of their particular Craft Guild
  • Members of the Craft Guilds are protected and any member who falls sick is cared for by the Guild. Burials of guild members are arranged and the Craft Guilds undertake to care for any orphans
  • The members of Craft Guilds also provide protection of horses, wagons, and goods when moving about the land

The Craft Guilds ensure that their craft or trade is effectively a ‘closed shop’ or monopoly preventing any outside competition. Prices are fixed between members of the Craft Guilds. And the Craft Guilds ensure that high standards of quality are maintained. The number of Craft Guild members are also regulated, allowing a restricted membership in order to ensure that the numbers of Craft Guilds do not exceed the business requirements.

Craft Guilds within the City of Kalimsport include (but are not limited to):

Apothecaries Armourers & Brasiers (armour-makers and workers in brass) Bakers Barbers (also surgeons and dentists)
Basketmakers Blacksmiths Bowyers (longbow makers) Brewers
Broderers (embroiderers) Butchers Carpenters Chandlers (candle makers)
Clothworkers Cordwainers (workers in fine leather) Curriers (dressers of tanned leather) Cutlers
Dyers Farriers (shoers of horses) Fishmongers Fletchers (arrow makers)
Gamblers Girdlers (girdles and belts as clothing) Goldsmiths Loriners (stirrups and other harness for horses)
Masons Needlemakers Pattenmakers (makers of wooden clog-style footwear) Plaisterers (plasterers)
Plumbers Poulters Prostitutes Saddlers
Salters Scriveners (writers of court letters and legal documents) Skinners Upholders (upholsterers)
Vintners Weavers Wheelwrights Woolmen (winders and packers of wool)

Becoming a Member of a Guild

A person would have to work through three phases to become a member of a Guild. Each Guild may have different terms for these phases, but most conform to this structure.

Apprentice: A Guild Apprentice was sent to work for a ‘Master’ during his early teens. The Guild Apprenticeship lasted between 5 and 9 years depending on the trade. During this time the apprentice received no wages – just his board, lodging and training.

Journeyman: A Guild Journeyman was paid for her labour. During this time the Journeyman would create her ‘Masterpiece’, in her own time, which she would present to the Guild as evidence of her craftsmanship in the hope of being accepted as a Guild ‘Master’. It was difficult to reach the status of ‘Master’ and much depended on the Journeyman’s standing and acceptance by the top members of the Guild. In the case of the Merchant’s Guild, the ‘Masterpiece’ could be a particularly difficult-to-acquire sales item or the establishment of a successful market.

Master: A Guild Master could set up his own workshop and then train his own apprentices.

Points of Interest

The city is made up of a number of districts, each walled and capable of being gated off during a siege: Sage Hill, The Jetties, The Temple District, The Northern Market District, The Southern Market District, the Docks, and The Central District.

Sage Hill

The University of Kalimsport rests on top of Sage’s Hill near the city center. It’s sprawling campus dominates the district, which is made up of residences and boarding houses for the students and faculty, book shops, scriveners, shops of arcane components and lore, scriptoriums, shops for wands, staves, and other magical devices, and other such places of scholarly interest. There are also smaller salons and academies located in this district as well.

The Jetties

Between the east and south gates is a city park known as “The Jetties”. A waterfall is formed here through the city walls where the Lesser Mondira River meets the Arahani River. The water is gathered in a smallish (but deep) lake. The lake is surrounded by park lands. Surrounding these park lands, however, is a poor community of working class and more impoverished folk eking out a living in the largest city in the world. It is known for its high crime rate and generally poor living conditions.

The Temple District

The Northeast corner of the city is comprised of what has become known as the Temple District. It derives its name from the concentration of places of worship available within its walls. While there are a few residents and places of business, most of the buildings here are either shrines or temples to the various deities of Zaldara. While the vast majority of the temples are devoted to the Midron Pantheon, there is a Shandorian temple in Kalimsport; the monks there are known for their charitable works. There are also ancient shrines to Azumazran and Azumartuk, as well. There are even shrine to non-human gods, such as Skondir available.

One point of interest is the recently erected shrine to the Northron god Bruni by Rilka of the Crimson Cord.

The Northern Market District

The Northern Market District is essentially a large open-air bazaar of tents and makeshift stalls erected every morning by hundreds of vendors. Trading goes on into the night, most nights, and many items, both exotic and mundane, can be found here.

The district is essentially ringed by a shanty town of tents and lean-to homes erected by the vendors and their families.

The Southern Market District

Smaller than the Northern Market District, this District is a more permanent market with stone and wooden structures erected along narrow streets with only a few street vendors. It is generally remarked to be a cleaner and much quieter experience than shopping in the Northern District. However, as it is smaller, there is a smaller variety of goods to be found here.

The Docks

The Docks of Kalimsport make up the largest and busiest port in the known world. There are hundreds of warehouses, homes, businesses, and the like lining the large harbor.

The Docks are not a safe place place in Kalimsport. While there is a large contingent of harbor watch patrolling the boardwalks, there are many narrow and dark alleyways where the nefarious are doing their dirty work and where the unwary can be drawn.

Each summer a grand ship race is held with 1000 gp as the prize. There is a a grand shrine to Sylene standing in the Great Harbor; its revelries of Transformation are notorious throughout Kalimsport.

The Central District

Named to its proximity to the heart of the city, the Central District is home to the Overlord’s Keep, the Hall of Records, The Garrison of the Watch, and the High Court.

There is also a new orphanage open in the Central District, opened by Rilka, a member of the Crimson Cord.

Also in the Central District is the Guildhall of the Crimson Cord. The Hall Administrator is Mahgnus, a former traveling valet of the Crimson Cord who now runs the operation in their name. The Cord is expanding their operations, recruiting adventuring teams to go forth into the world and do good work and spread the fame of the Cord. Mahgnus is also making arrangements with the local guilds to have various services provided on the lot near the guildhall at a discount for Crimson Cord acolytes.

The Night Market

The Night Market in Kalimsport sells most kinds of illegal goods, from drugs and poisons to guard monsters and human (and demi-human) trafficking. The Night Market is located beneath the city and moves periodically to avoid unnecessary “entanglements” with the Watch.

Food and Lodging


The Elixir and the Prayer: A modest inn that caters to travelers of all sorts in the Temple District.
The Shattered Club: A mean inn in the harbor district catering to rough folk of all races.
The Enchanted Staff: A comfortable inn in the Northern Market District.
The Dragon’s Flagon: A modest inn near the city’s south gate known for its great food.
The Prancing Elf Inn: Modest inn near the city’s eastern gate that caters to bards, artisans, and entertainers.
Red Wolf Hall: Nice lodge-style inn near the city’s center.

The Knave’s Pipe : A modest inn near the University of Kalimsport
The Fat Hero: A slummy inn near the Jetties run by Kalthus, a one-eyed half-orc. Don’t ask him about his eye…
The Black Crown: A comfortable inn near the city’s north gate with a sorcerous brew on the menu.
The Unicorn and Hellhound: A modest inn in the Southern Market District.
The Half-Full Cup: A modest inn near the City Garrison headquarters. The innkeep, Jarol, is not…quite…human…
The King’s Dagger: A fancy inn near the north gate.
The Crimson Brew: A brewery/inn in the Central District established by Savaric of the Crimson Cord.


The Two Talismans: A modest tavern near the city’s center.
The Morose Demon: A dive bar run by a former priest of Ramala named Bayrd Davys. It is situated in the Temple district.
Tavern of the Enchantress: A modest tavern near the city’s southern gates. Run by a retired Sorceress adventurer.
The Torn Grimoire: A modest bar near the city’s eastern gate. CLOSED BY ORDER OF THE OVERLORD
Alehouse of the Cats: A small, common bar near docks.
Saloon of the Golden Bull: A well-to-do establishment near the harbor.

The Silver Mug: A common tavern situated near the east side of town.
The Wicked Maiden: A dive bar located near the harbor.
The Dreaming Dragon: A modest tavern in the southern market district, Penylla Elmbranch, proprietor. Penny Elmbranch is married to the Baronet Diggon Elmbranch, a halfling cleric of Rosaela.
The Ruby Staff: A common bar near the University of Kalimsport. Frequented by clerks and scholars.
The Hunter’s Mug: A modest tavern near the northern gates.
Golden Chariot: Fancy tavern near the city center

Silver Mug Wicked Maiden Dreaming Dragon Ruby Staff Hunter’s Mug Golden Chariot
Companion 1 gp
Ale (mug) 4 cp 3 cp 4 cp 4 cp 4 cp 5 cp
Ale (gallon) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Absinthe (glass) 3 gp - 3 gp 3 gp 3 gp 5 gp
Absinthe (bottle) 30 gp - 30 gp 30 gp 30 gp 40 gp
Applejack (mug) 8 cp 5 cp 8 cp 8 cp 8 cp 10 cp
Applejack (gallon) 4 sp 3 sp 4 sp 4 sp 4 sp 5 sp
Baijiu (bottle) 10 gp 8 gp 12 gp
Bufo (jug) 1 gp
Caium (gourd) 1 gp 5 sp 1 gp 1 gp 1 gp 2 gp
Coffee (cup) 1 cp 1 cp 1 cp 1 cp 1 cp 2 cp
Dwarven stout (mug) 4 cp 3 cp 4 cp 4 cp 4 cp 6 cp
Grog (mug) 2 cp 1 cp 2 cp 2 cp 2 cp
Kahve (cup) 2 cp 2 cp 2 cp 2 cp 3 cp
Kumis (wineskin) 5 sp 4 sp 5 sp 5 sp 5 sp 7 sp
Mead (mug) 5 cp 3 cp 5 cp 5 cp 5 cp 7 cp
Mead (gallon) 2 gp 1 gp, 5 sp 2 gp 2 gp 2 gp 3 gp
Oldlaw whiskey (bottle) 20 gp 15 gp 20 gp 20 gp 20 gp 25 gp
Pulque (cup) 1 sp 7 cp 1 sp 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp
Pulque (wineskin) 4 sp 3 sp 4 sp 4 sp 4 sp 5 sp
Rumboozle (cup) 1 sp 7 cp 1 sp 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp
Sealord Wine (bottle) 15 gp 15 gp 15 gp 15 gp 20 gp
Whiskey (cup) 1 sp 5 cp 1 sp 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp
Wine (common/pitcher) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Wine (fine/bottle) 10 gp 10 gp 10 gp 12 gp
Liquor/Tonics (cup) 1 sp 5 cp 1 sp 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp
Meal (poor) 3 cp 2 cp 3 cp 3 cp 3 cp 5 cp
Meal (common) 1 sp 5 cp 1 sp 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp
Meal (good) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp



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