Daodar is the founder of a sect of a sect of Mazranism based in southern Kuskar called the Daodari. The Daodari believe that the Three are but manifestations of a single One, who is an uncreated creator. This heresy is vigorously opposed by the temples in Achera and many other places. However, The Daodari theology has taken root at its source in Kuskar and parts of Yulania

Daodar, who died in 448 AT, was a merchant who was ambushed by brigands in the foothills of the Jorani Mountains. After wandering the mountain passes for eight days, he emerged with the tale that he had been vistied by the Amapehta Armati. As a reward for his devotion during this trial, he was given secret knowledge of the true nature of the Three—that they were actually One, three aspects of the same being. Three rooms of the same house.

Though his doctrine was popular in his home region, it has been vehemently opposed elsewhere.

See also: Azumazran, Azumartuk, Azunapath, Mazranites


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