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Borael (bore-AY-el) is derived from the word “Hyboaeri”, the name of the Midron tribe that dominated that region in the times of The Scattering.


Borael is bordered to the north by the Noskan Sea, to the west by the Mondira River, to the south by the Inavina River, and to the east by the Hadurk River.

Cities and Places of Interest

The capital city of Ebongate lies to the far south of the country, near the border with Yulania where the Hadurk River and the Inavina River meet. Northwest of Ebongate is the city of Whitheron, where the Inavina River branches away from the Mondira River. North of Whitheron is the city of Sarra, nestled where the Ros River splits from the Mondira River. The city of Northold lies on the far northern coast of the country.

Tower Olvir, the sole Tower of Sorcery in Borael, lies on a remote island off the northern coast of the country in the Noskan Sea.

The infamous Darkmoon Vale lies to the southeast of the country, near the Hadurk-Sur and the Iamari River.



The Imperial Period

The Hyboaeri tribesmen of the region were known for their guile in battle. It was this guile and the successful use of guerrilla tactics that enabled them to halt the encroachment of the Acheran Empire for so long.

Post-Imperial Borael

As the declining Empire pulled out of the lands of the Hyboaeri, the various clans banded together under the banner of Isold Marat, a powerful female clan chief. Marat ruled the largest and most influential of the Hyboaeri clans and was crowned Queen of the Hyboaeri soon after the formal withdrawal of Imperial legions.

Over time, the Hyboaeria (as the Acherans termed the region) became Borael, though the Marats still rule in one of the longest dynasties in the history of the known world.

Borael has had good relations with its neighbors—especially the Dwarves of Hadurk-Sur, with whom they do much trade. The northern reaches of the country must constantly be defended against the raids of the warlike Jossian tribes.

Laws and Governance

Borael is a feudal, hereditary monarchy. There is a strong tradition in Borael of holding even the high-born to the standard of law. The whim of the monarch does not rule the day—even the king or queen must follow procedures and live within the law.

The current monarch, Queen Beatrix Marat is a former cleric of the church of Sadum—her court is marked by a sobriety of purpose as a result of her funerary background. She is known to be a fair and impartial judge and equally as a cold and implacable ruler.

Royal, Noble, and Political Titles of Borael


Northern Borael is marked with thick, old growth forests that is a rich source of timber. Agreements with the Dwarven nation of Hadurk-Sur has allowed Boraelan to make mining claims along the western edge of “The Dwarrows”.

Money System
Denomination Metal CP* SP* GP* PP*
Penny Copper 1 1/10 1/100 1/1,000
Bit Silver 10 1 1/10 1/100
Sterling Gold 100 10 1 1/10
Crown Platinum 1,000 100 10 1

*CP = Copper Piece, SP = Silver Piece, GP = Gold Piece, and PP = Platinum Piece

Ethnic Groups

Borael has large populations of Dwarves and Elves, being in close proximity to their homelands. Further, northern Borael is home to many people of Jossian heritage as well. Southern Borael is also home to many Yulanian and Leilioran immigrants.

Racial Characteristics

Boraelans come from nearly pure Midron stock and are marked by their fair skin and light (blue or green) eyes. Northern Boraelans can run to blonde or red hair, a nod to the influence of Northron stock.


Popular Names

Many Boaelan surnames are very descriptive: Bronzeblade, Slewfoe, Stalkcloak, etc.

  • Noble houses : Marat (Royal), Buckmaster, Cantrill, Felgate, Mattam, Quain, Swaffeld, Unsworth
  • Male: Ailward, Alban, Almaric, Bardulf, Bran, Ernald, Estmar, Jakin, Matrim, Saer, Syward, Walerand
  • Female : Alys, Alina, Alviva, Beatrix, Celestria, Ela, Elys, Imayna, Isold, Joia, Nicola, Saeva, Sayna


While Mazranism is popular in the far southern portions of Borael, the predominant religion is the Midron Pantheon.

Sorcery and Wizardry

Borael is a signer of the Athanasius Pact and therefore welcomes sorcery and wizardry as performed under those precepts.



Boaelan music is beautiful, but complex and difficult to perform. They often utilized a combination of drum, pipe, strings, and horn.


Boraelan cuisine is intricate, complex, and universally admired as a perfect combination of the savory nature of Southron fare complementing the common practicality of Midron and Northron culinary arts. It favors rich sauces poured over simple, “peasant” fare and the use of complementary breads and wines and cheeses with each meal.


Common clothing among the Boraelan is comprised of tunics and breeches for men and skirts and blouses with tight bodices for women. Courtly attire includes the use of multi-colored tights and slashed jerkins.


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