Athanasius Pact


It is has always been the powerful have a responsibility of control over themselves, else they overreach and cause chaos and destruction. Thus it was that those of the mystical orders came together and formed a hand with which to control themselves and, thus, save the world from a calamity on par with that of The Rivening From the journals of the Achera, 447 AT

Designed by the Wizard Athanasius of Sianae in 238 AT, the Pact (as it is sometimes referred) represents an agreement between the nations of the world and the community of spellcasters. The terms of the agreement are quite complex and legalistic. However, what the agreement boils down to is that Wizards, Sorcerers, and other secular spellcasters will be governed in the use of their powers by the High Council of Magic. Should a spellcaster commit a crime using magic, they would first face censure and punishment by the Council and then from the State. In return, nations can hold the Council responsible for the behavior of spellcasting folk and be reasonably assured that people that wield such power are under some sort of control.

Since the advent of the Pact, the Council has established numerous “Towers of Wizardry” throughout the known world. Some are, in fact, Towers, while others are merely Caster-controlled holdings. Most spellcasters are bound to a Tower by oaths of fealty and work to improve their collective holdings. Some swear oaths and roam on their own, though they have a home to return to and are held to responsible behavior in the outside world. Oathless casters (those without a Tower Oath) are generally held in suspicion even by magical folk.

Most spellcasting folk that have sworn to a Tower add it to their names. For instance, a Wizard named Kolvinar who has sworn to Tower Echeban would refer to himself as Kolvinar of Echeban. Those that do not are often assumed to be Oathless.

Current Signers to the Pact


Athanasius Pact

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