Demon Lords


The God of the Troglodytes
CE male demon lord of vast caverns, reptiles, and troglodytes


Unholy Symbol: twisted tentacle terminating in an oversized talon
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Animal, War
Favored Weapon: Spear
Temple: Caverns, troglodyte dens, underground lake shores
Worshipers: Evil lizardfolk, morlocks, troglodytes
Minions: Fiendish dinosaurs, fiendish reptiles (particularly fiendish giant lizards)
Obedience: In a cavern, impale a living sacrifice on a stalagmite so that the creature does not die immediately. Dance around the sacrifice while shouting prayers to Zevgavizeb, taking time every 10 minutes to push the impaled creature further down the stalagmite. Time the dance so that at the end, the creature is at the stalagmite’s base—it need not survive to the end of the dance. Gain a +4 profane bonus on saving throws against special attacks and spells originating from reptilian creatures. You become infused with primeval power, and gain a +4 profane bonus to Constitution and your natural armor.

Bestial Zevgavizeb rules the horror-filled Abyssal caverns of Gluttondark, a vast network of caverns connected by subterranean rivers and great chasms. Many of the caverns of Gluttondark are large enough to be the size of small planets—in such caverns, the walls are rife with jungles and mountains, swamps and seas, with gravity pulling away from the center of the roughly spherical chambers. Strangely colored suns that pulse from light to dark, simulating the ebb and flow of day and night, churn at the center of these vast inverted worlds. Dinosaurs, strange bat-like monsters, sea monsters, and worse rule these realms alongside nations of fiendish troglodytes.

Zevgavizeb has very little interest in events beyond his empire, and as a result presents the least danger to Golarion of the demon lords described here. His troglodytes, on the other hand, commit countless atrocities in his name, for they believe that only by regularly sacrificing other creatures to his hunger can they prevent him from emerging into their own cavern lairs to feed on them. Zevgavizeb is a hideous beast the size of a dragon, part dinosaur, part tentacled worm, and part bat. His personal lair is the largest of his cavern worlds, a place at the center of Gluttondark with a jungle moon floating at its core. It is on this moon that the Troglodyte God slumbers and gnaws.


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