Zenya Zaoravarian's Traveling Show



Zenya Zaoravarian founded her Traveling Show some twenty years ago with her husband, Bremen Zaoravarian. She was an illusionist and Harrow card reader and he was a strongman and knife-thrower. They added other performers to the show as time went on and traveled extensively across Yulania, Kuskar, and Ornis before returning home again to Yulania. The following year they added Leilior to their itinerary and, since then, have been doing rather well, and have traveled throughout Zaldara—even as far away as Tarsas and all the way to northern Jossia and southern Achera.

Bremen has since passed away, but the show carries on with Zenya reading cards and running the caravan. Others have joined her—musicians, acrobats, and even a traveling magic shop. They all have formed a family of performers that look out for each other. It’s all Zenya has ever wanted or needed.

Stat Block

CG Village

Corruption -1; Crime +0; Economy +1; Law -1; Lore -1; Society +0
Qualities: Prosperous, Tourist Attraction
Danger: +0

Government: Autocracy (Mistress Zenya Zaoravarian)
Population: 87 (71 humans, 4 dwarves, 4 halflings, 3 half-elves, 3 elves, 2 half-orcs)
Notable NPCs:

  • Mistress Zenya Zaoravarian, Proprietor (CG Female Human Illusionist 7)
  • Master Collin Gendanan, Master of Music (CN Male Half-Elf Bard 9)
  • Master Tamas Sorenvan, Master of the High Wire (CG Male Human Rogue 10)
  • Mistress Irina Sorenva, Mistress of the High Wire (NG Female Human Rogue 10)
  • Mistress Keltir Arinna, Proprietor of Arinna’s Wagon (CN Female Human Expert 10)

Base Value: 882 gp ; Purchase Limit: 3750 gp ; Spellcasting 3rd
Available Magic Items: Special (see Arinna’s Wagon below)

Points of Interest

The Central Square
The show always sets up a central space which gives the performers an opportunity to show the people what they have to offer. Musicians provide a merry atmosphere, salesmen hawk their wares, and the performers provide a taste of what the main show provides.

Big Top
The Big Top features the main shows of the Traveling Show—the Amazing Sorenvans (acrobats), Capalline Capers (clowns), and Zenya herself performing feats of illusion. They also sometimes feature itinerant performers that come in and out of the rotation depending on when and where their travels take them.

Entrance fares varies widely, depending on what the local market can bear. In smaller communities, tickets may be a mere copper for daily shows and 2 cp for an evening show, while in wealthier urban areas ticket prices for an evening show climb as high as 5 sp. A visitor may stay in the big top as long as she likes, but reentry requires payment should she leave.

Crew Wagons
Here the crew of the show park their wagons, as well as those of their families. Along with the tent raisers, strongmen, hawkers, and the like, Zenya employs six full-time cooks and six full-time launderers to take care of the performers and crew. Zenya takes pride in that she considers her crew to be her family, and their families her own. There is very much a camaraderie amongst the crew of Zenya’s show that you don’t find in other traveling shows. Trespassers are dealt with sternly, but fairly, and usually are taken to Zenya.

Wheeled Market
This traveling marketplace of itinerant merchants has grown up around the show over the years, plying their wares amongst those that come to see the entertainments. Zenya is strict about who she allows to travel with the show—no chiselers or cheaters are to be associated with her operation.

  • Many goods can be bought in the market, including tattoos and fortunes.
  • Zenya herself sets up a Harrow Deck reading tent in the market.
  • One of the most popular destinations is Arinna’s Wagon, a magic shop (see below).

Arinna’s Wagon

Gather ‘round, gather ‘round Arinna’s Wagon of Exotic Treasures! From the frosts of Jossia to the Seas of Jirra, we bring you wonders and oddities the likes of which you have never seen. Impress your friends and outshine your rivals for the cost of a few coins at Arinna’s Wagon!

Unlike most magic shops, Arinna’s Wagon has no fixed location. This brightly colored Yulanian wagon travels with Zenya’s Traveling Show—at least for now—as part of the Wheeled Market. Conspicuous signage in several regional languages invites the public to view and purchase magical wonders from around the world, to seek the sage counsel of the wagon’s resident fortune-tellers, or to get tattoos from its skilled artisans.

Arinna’s Wagon appears larger on the inside than the outside. In fact, the clever use of extradimensional spaces allows the owner, Keltir Arinna, to store and display the wide variety of goods she collects in her travels. Other less colorful wagons follow behind to house Keltir’s extended family, most of whom work for her as buyers, sellers, diviners, and tattooists.

New Magus Arcana

Among Arinna’s caravan are several well-practiced magi who may teach their methods to worthy customers…

  • Divinatory Strike (Su): Whenever the magus scores a critical hit against an opponent with a melee attack, he can gain preternatural insight into his foe’s strengths and weaknesses as though he had rolled a natural 20 on a Knowledge check to identify the creature struck. Any bonuses or penalties the magus normally applies to such a Knowledge check are applied to this ability, including his Intelligence modifier, ranks in the requisite Knowledge skill, and other applicable modifiers. Depending on the final calculated outcome of this ability and the CR of the creature struck, the magus may still be unable to glean information about his enemy. This ability works even if the magus has already attempted a Knowledge check to identify the creature.
  • Ki Arcana (Ex): The magus may use points from his arcana pool and ki points from a ki pool granted by another class interchangeably. The magus must be at least 6th level and must have levels in a class that grans him a ki pool before selecting this arcana.
  • Scroll Mastery (Su): Whenever the magus uses a scroll, he may expend 1 point from his arcane pool to allow him to calculate the DC for any spell contained on the scroll using his Intelligence modifier, instead of the minimum modifier need cast a spell of that level. The magus must be at least 6th level before selecting this arcana.

Magic Items for Sale

Keltir Arinna travels all over (and even under) Zaldara collecting exotic and magical items. Any magical items the GM wishes to include are available in Arinna’s Wagon. Here are some special items from Arinna’s homeland.

Animal Totem Tattoo: [Price 12,000 gp; CL 5th; Aura faint transmutation]
An animal totem tattoo is dedicated to a specific animal totem. The bearer gains the totem transformation ability of a 5th level druid with the corresponding animal shaman archetype (ape, bat, bear, boar, dragon, eagle, lion, saurian, serpent, shark, or wolf). If the bearer already has the corresponding totem transformation as a class ability, she is instead treated as a druid of 5 levels higher for the purposes of the ability.

Hypnotic Tattoo: [Price 900 gp; CL 1st; Aura faint enchantment]
This arabesque tattoo accentuates the bearer’s movements. If the tattoo is visible, the bearer gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Perform (dance) checks. When the bearer uses a Perform skill or bardic performance, she can choose a creature within 90 feet that she can see and that can see her hypnotic tattoo. That creature takes a -2 penalty on Perception and Sense Motive checks while the bearer performs. This is a mind-affecting effect. The bearer can change the target of this effect as a free action on her turn.

Runeward Tattoo [Price 1000 gp; CL 1st; Aura faint divination]
Each of these tattoos is keyed to a single school of magic. The bearer can use detect magic at will, but only to sense auras of that school. The bearer gains a +1 insight bonus on saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities of the keyed school and knows when such a spell or spell-like ability has been cast within 60 feet.

Serpentine Tattoo [Price 2000 gp; CL 1st; Aura faint conjuration]
This sinuous tattoo appears to move when the bearer flexes his muscles. Three times per day when the bearer makes a successful melee attack with a monk or performance weapon or an unarmed strike, he can cause the tattoo to lunge like a snake at the creature hit. This allows the bearer to perform a dirty trick combat maneuver as an immediate action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Trailblazer’s Spade [Price 11,400 gp; CL 3rd; Aura faint transmutation]
This two-ended tool can be used as a 1/1 monk’s spade. Five times per day as a standard action, the wielder can sweep an adjacent 10’ square. This action clears the affected area of objects and terrain that hinder movement, such as caltrops, rubble, and undergrowth. The trailblazer’s spade has no effect on features more than 4 feet high or deep. It has no effect on terrain that has been magically manipulated to impede movement.

Also For Sale

Item Price Source
Bag of Holding Varies UE 281
Crystal Ball Varies UE 289
Efficient Quiver 1800 gp UE 294
Handy Haversack 2000 gp UE 301
Harrow Deck 100 gp UE 66
Needles of Fleshgraving 8000 gp UE 312
Seer’s Tea 550 gp UE 319
Tattoo Varies UE 74

Other Ways to Pay

A character who impresses Keltir with a successful DC 20 Perform check earns at least 100 gp in store credit. If the result is 21 or higher, she earns the equivalent gp value of an encounter with an APL equal to the result -20, but not higher than her character level (see table 12-5 on page 399 of the Core Rulebook). A character can attempt this check no more than once per month.

Zenya Zaoravarian's Traveling Show

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