Demon Lords


The Ravager Worm
CE male demon lord of age, time, and worms


Unholy Symbol: an hourglass filled with worms instead of sand
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Death, Destruction
Favored Weapon: None
Temple: Caverns, clock towers, graveyards, hidden cathedrals, old houses
Worshipers: Liches, those who would do anything to avoid death, worms that walk
Minions: Ghosts, leeches, swarms, undead, worm-like monsters, vermleks
Obedience: Meditate in a closed coffin partially filled with worm-infested soil or leech-infested mud. During the obedience, you must swallow or inhale at least a dozen living worms or leeches. Gain a +4 profane bonus against effects that cause slowness or magical aging, or anything that damages, drains, or penalizes ability scores.

Yhidothrus is a hideous and hateful demon lord associated with the negative aspects of time—aging, the destruction of all things via erosion, and the advance of entropy. Among humanity, Yhidothrus’s cultists are typically loners obsessed with the encroaching threat of old age; desperate to avoid that threat, these few turn to blasphemy and demon worship as an escape. Many become liches as a result of their obsession—a Yhidothrin lich typically appears much more worm-eaten and “moist” than the typical undead of that kind.

Yhidothrus appears as an immense worm with oily, night-black flesh and a mouth that folds back upon itself to reveal a dozen ivory, hook-like jaws around a gullet ringed with countless teeth. None but the mad can claim to have seen what lies at the far end of the Ravager Worm’s endless body, and the accounts of such lunatics are not to be trusted.

Yhidothrus’s Abyssal realm is not a single place as much as a massive network of tunnels the demon lord has bored through the surrounding strata of the Outer Sphere. These tunnels, called the Spiral Path, are said to connect to nearly every other Abyssal Realm and even to the lower reaches of other Outer Planes.


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