Northron Pantheon


Yülthn (YOOL-thun) is the most prominent of the Northron gods, appearing in many of their myths as both a savior and champion of his human children and as a trickster figure deceiving them and driving them toward dangerous ends. It was he who breathed life into the first humans, granting his title of All-Father. It is said that he paid for giving the power of the Runes to humanity by hanging from the World Tree for seven days. It is said he gave magic to humanity help them in the Final Battle against the Grundr. He travels the world as a mortal wanderer, testing men and women and granting gifts and punishments along the way.


Strategy and cunning versus brute force in battle are pleasing to the All-Father. Knowledge is a treasure to constantly be sought as an advantage over foes. Self-reliance is an ultimate good. There are many tales of Yülthn changing sides in battle due to selfishness or blindness on the part of kings and generals—his cult promotes the same. Be true to oneself and to the good, regardless of rank or title.

Clergy and Temples

Most of Yülthn’s cleric carry long, crooked staves in emulation of their deity. They wear simple traveling clothes and seldom are ostentatious about their status. They travel often and gather information about the world around them. In turn, they give their information sparingly and only after sure that other avenues have been exhausted.

Temples to Yülthn tend to be raucous halls for travelers—inns and the like. They also double as forts in times of trouble. Wizards and sorcerers are especially welcome, often receiving free services in return to exchanges of information.


Yülthn often appears as a older, weary traveler in a dark cloak and wide-brimmed hat. He is also known to take on the form of a large raven and a direwolf. Yülthn will return to Aesenjeim from time to time to handle the gods’ business and to share his knowledge with the other gods. However, he spends much time in Middenjeim, associating with his mortal children.


Certain followers of Yülthn perform daily rituals in order to receive special blessings from the All-Father. Find a secluded area and draw a circle in the earth. Stand at the center and close your eyes. Listen. Learn. Breathe. Are you listening? Good… Gain a +4 sacred bonus to all Knowledge skill checks and treat as if all have ranks (even if they do not). Also gain a +2 sacred bonus to Sleight of Hand and Stealth.


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