Midron Pantheon

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Xuxia (ZOO-shah) is one of the most tempestuous of the Midron deities, carried on waves of passion from one emotional state to another. In many ways, she is a more extreme version of her brother, Davran.

Xuxia is primarily associated with lust, passion, fire, and chaos.


Xuxia is one of the oldest of the Midron deities, said to have been birthed by Fate itself to drive the creation of the world. As such, her church is venerable and secure in the various Midron lands of Zaldara. However, due to the tempestuous nature of her followers, the church is not particularly powerful or organized.


Xuxia is the sister of Davran, God of Love and Beauty, as well as the other children of Fate: Ithya (Goddess of Inspiration), Sabreel (God of Madness), Ramala (Goddess of Chance), Cereth (Goddess of Light), and Modthras (God of Darkness).

Xuxia’s nature is similar, though more wild, than that of her brother Davran, which sometimes brings them into conflict. Xuxia’s tempestuous nature often brings her into conflict with many of the gods, though none count her as a true enemy.

According to legend, Xuxia has pursued many of the gods, and is known to cause conflict among the more romantically inclined among them, inspiring lust for someone other than their chosen lover of the moment. She often enjoys the company of any who are willing to give her attention, but is quixotic in her own affections.

Appearances and Emissaries

Xuxia appears as a voluptuous woman with flame-red hair and very little in the way of clothing.

Worship of Xuxia

Passion is the ultimate manifestation of love. To truly revere, to truly love, one must throw their entire being into it. Anything less is stagnation and death. Lust is fleeting and must be seized and enjoyed until it flees once again. Inspire lust. Inspire passion. Pursue it yourself and ride it until it is spent. Then find it again.

Worshipers of revere the nights of the full moon as times when the tides of passion are stirred. They pray at night, under the light of the moon, to have their passions fulfilled. They love chants and musical rhythms that whip them into frenzies of want.

Worshipers and Clergy

Xuxia accepts the adulation of any who would embrace their passions—whatever they may be.

Clergy wear provocatively cut crimson garments, attempting to inspire passion in others. Worshipers also dress provocatively, for the same reasons.

Worshipers tend to be lovers, artists, bards, and even some warriors who find the worship of Kysk or Morria to be too confining or abhorrent.

Temples and Shrines

Temples and shrines to Xuxia tend to be works of beauty, though in an ostentatious and over-the-top manner. They are often held to be akin to brothels in their aesthetic and in their design. Many have rooms available for assignations and the clergy are well-versed in various forms of passion that can be inspired or indulged (for a suitable sacrifice to the temple).


Longnight and Longday both are typical nights of revelry and lustful celebration, as is the first day of the year. Nights of the full-moon are also venerated.


Certain devout followers of the goddess perform daily rituals to gain the goddess’ special blessings. While burning scented oils in an open flame, contemplate your passions, your deepest desires. How will you attain them? What blocks your path? How can you inspire others to follow their paths? Let the passion of the goddess flow through you as you contemplate the flame. Gain a +4 sacred or profane (your choice) bonus to Diplomacy and Perform checks. Gain one free use of the Whirlwind Attack Feat (regardless of prerequisites).


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