Demon Lords


CE male demon lord of natural disasters, storms, and trolls


Unholy Symbol: storm cloud pierced by lightning
Domains:Chaos, Evil, Weather, Destruction
Favored Weapon: None
Temple: Caverns, forest glades blasted by fire or wind, mountaintop towers, ships
Worshipers: Druids, those who live in fear of natural disasters, trolls
Minions: Behirs, fiendish elementals
Obedience: You must cavort naked atop a hill, rooftop, or mountaintop during a storm, or else ritualistically sever the fingers, toes, then arms and legs of a non-evil being, burning each severed fragment to ash before moving on to the next. Gain a +4 profane bonus on all saving throws against weather-related effects and spells. You can cast earthquake once per day, but this ability only affects a 40-foot-radius spread.

Although he is considered to be the patron of the troll race, the demon lord Urxehl in fact despises the twisted giants that share his form with a great and tremendous loathing. His Abyssal realm of Verakivhan is a constantly burning forest lashed by powerful storms with rain that fuels the flames below rather than dousing them. It is only in the face of such tremendous natural disaster that Urxehl is truly pleased, and he often sends visions of such disasters to mortals in hopes they might find a way to create them. Even so, his strongest worshipers remain his trolls, the most religious of which believe that Father Urxehl gifted them with regeneration so that they could survive his terrible rages and depredations. Urxehl’s cultists are particularly active in the Daggerspine and Grundr’s Teeth regions of Jossia, as well as the Slayt Mountains, where trolls are common.

Urxehl appears as a towering horned troll, nearly 20 feet high and with a long, spiked tongue. He can command storms with ease, and can direct the flow and power of forest fires with a thought. His troll priests often prepare spells that both protect them from fire and allow them to utilize fire as a weapon, primarily as a way for them to maintain control of those they lead through fear.

In addition, a surprising number of chaotic or evil druids look to Urxehl as a source of inspiration and divine power. These druids are generally not trolls, but rather humans who recognize Urxehl’s power over storms and natural disasters. Of course, other druids view these cultists as heretics at best.


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