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The University of Jenna is located near the center of the city on Scribner’s Hill. It is comprised of several Colleges, unified under one banner. It is a closed campus—members of the public must have a sponsor to utilize its services or make special arrangements with its sages. It is renowned as one of the shining beacons of learning throughout the known world.


The University began as Holenbote College in 127 AT. The College was founded by Beorn Holenbote, a nobleman with a love of learning and literature. It began as small gathering of scholars and their students and eventually grew into a full-blown college with an endowment from each of the participating sages. A unanimous vote of the sages bestowed the name of Holenbote upon the college.

Within a decade of Beorn’s death, more schools, extensions of the private tutor system that had already existed in Eacenia, began forming around the original college.

The various schools of Holenbote College came under the new name of the University of Jenna in the fall of 277 AT per a vote of the Savant’s Council—the name of the sages that grew to govern the affairs of the college. This was in return for municipal tax support provided by the then-Lord Mayor, Taras Belthun.

Since that time, the University has grown into an institution that rivals the grand University of Kalimsport—if not in size, then in academic vigor.


The University of Jenna is a federation of colleges gathered on one campus. There are 8 different colleges, each with different courses and programs available to students.

The head of the University is the Grand Savant. The Grand Savant is appointed by Savant’s Council and serves for life. The Grand Savant may, but not must, be recruited from within the Savant’s Council itself.

Five Vice Chancellors have responsibilities of governing specific areas of concern: Education, Research, Planning and Resources, Development and External Affairs, and Personnel.

The Savant’s Council is an executive policy-making body comprised of the Grand Savant, the Savants, the College Deans, and three observers from the Student Circle.

The 7-member Board of Fellows manage the University’s finances and are appointed by the Savant’s Council. Each Fellow serves a renewable 3-year term.

Syllabi and course programs are governed by Savants. Each Savant provides facilities for teaching and research, determines the syllabi and guidelines for the teaching of students, performs research, and delivers lectures and seminars. The members of a Savant’s department are spread throughout the colleges.

Each College is governed by a Dean. They administrate the various policies of the University for their College, maintain the College budget, provide residential and dining facilities, as well as, social, cultural, and recreational activities for their members, as well as admitting undergraduates and maintaining tuition.

Esteemed Sages/Professors are those sages that have attained some level of renown in their respective field.

Professors are those sages that have attained tenure with the University and assist with graduate-level studies.

Lecturers are run of the mill instructors/researchers at the University.

The Departments for the University are:

  • Literature and Rhetoric
  • Natural Philosophy
  • Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Comparative Religions
  • Mathematics
  • Linguistics
  • Arcana
  • Medicine
  • Alchemical Science
  • History and Antiquities
  • Magical Artefacts
  • Bardic Arts

The 8 Colleges are:

Holebote College Carriff College Harlech College Gower College
Tyfil College Carmeth College Mereth College Saransee College

Seal and Motto

A yellow sun bearing an open scroll.

“From the Ground to the Sun.”

Notable Characters

Fariel Aryasi : Arcane Sage at Mereth College

Brunhild Corth : Wizard and lecturer at Carriff College

Cuthmund Weldwyn : Sage at Saransee College

Kelworth Malbrock : Esteemed Sage at Gower College, expert on the underground kingdoms

Caranindel Starmantle : Lecturer in Universalist Magic at Mereth College

University of Jenna

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