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The University of Borael is located near the center of the city of Ebongate, on a hill adjacent to the dual palaces located there. It is comprised of several Colleges, unified under one banner. It is a closed campus—members of the public must have a sponsor to utilize its services or make special arrangements with its sages. It is an up-and-coming institution of higher learning, one of the best east of the Slayt Mountains.


The University began as the Boraelan College of the Arcane in 133 AT. The College was founded by a consortium of Wizards and other scholars for that specific purpose. Over time, new schools and courses of study were offered and the institution became the University of Borael in 221 AT.

The University has continued to grow since that time into a quality institution of higher learning, one of the best in the region. It’s Department of Literature and Rhetoric is particularly strong, especially in the areas of dwarven and elven literature.


The University of Borael is a federation of colleges gathered on one campus. There are 6 different colleges, each with different courses and programs available to students.

The head of the University is the Chancellor. The Chancellor is appointed by the Council Arcanum and serves for ten year terms, renewable by the Arcanum.

Five Vice Chancellors have responsibilities of governing specific areas of concern: Education, Research, Planning and Resources, Development and External Affairs, and Personnel.

The Council Arcanum is an executive policy-making body comprised of the current Chancellor, the Chancellor Emeritus, the Academic Department Chairs, the College Dons, and three observers from the Student Union.

The 7-member Board of Fellows manage the University’s finances and are appointed by the Council Arcanum. Each Fellow serves a renewable 5-year term.

Syllabi and course programs are governed by Academic Department Chairs. Departments provide facilities for teaching and research, determine the syllabi and guidelines for the teaching of students, perform research, and deliver lectures and seminars. The members of an Academic Department are spread throughout the colleges.

Each College is governed by a Don. They administrate the various policies of the University for their College, maintain the College budget, provide residential and dining facilities, as well as, social, cultural, and recreational activities for their members, as well as admitting undergraduates and maintaining tuition.

Esteemed Sages/Professors are those sages that have attained some level of renown in their respective field.

Professors are those sages that have attained tenure with the University and assist with graduate-level studies.

Lecturers are run of the mill instructors/researchers at the University.

The Academic Departments for the University are:

  • Literature and Rhetoric
  • Natural Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Metaphysics and Cosmology
  • Mathematics
  • Linguistics
  • Arcana and Occult Studies
  • Medicine and Chirurgic Studies
  • Alchemical Science
  • History and Cultural Studies

The 6 Colleges are:

Marat College Athanasius College Celandine College
Evolane College Brynnt College Simaean College

Seal and Motto

A white arch on a black field over an open book. The motto of the University is inscribed across the arch in Boraelan:

Power Tempered With Wisdom

Notable Characters

Lord Saer Quain : Wizard and lecturer at the University for the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. (Simaean College).

Dame Perin Goldheart : Esteemed Professor of History and Cultural Studies. Wrote the premier history of the House of Marat.

Brynn Argentmane : Wizard and Esteemed Sage of Metaphysics and Cosmology at Simaean College.

University of Borael

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