Northron Pantheon


Ulfir is the brother of Yülthn and the twin brother of Aelfir. He is also the father of Halli and Hallveig. Ulfir is the calm waters of the tamed sea. He is the god of sea and the winds for those who seek wealth or abundance in fishing.


Where his brother Aelfir‘s cult glowers and destroys, Ulfir’s followers support those who make a living from the bounty of the sea. Ulfir is less about appeasement but about giving thanks for the sea’s natural bounty. While they are mocked by his brother’s cult for their preference for sailing along the shore, away from Aelfir‘s deep and dangerous realm, Ulfir’s followers smile at their good fortune.


Clergy to Ulfir gather near the sea and by navigable rivers and lakes. They are popular with fisherman and with merchants and are often experienced seamen themselves.

Temples to Ulfir are sturdy structures, built to withstand the rigors of coastal life. They generally sit on or near the water have their own docks. Visitors to the temple find plain, but honest food and drink and are often asked for information on shoals, currents, weather, and the like.


Ulfir is a mighty man, beardless but with a thick mustache, emerging gigantically from the waves wearing armbands with inscriptions depicting the life of the sea and a conch shell on a leather thong about his neck.


Certain devout followers of Ulfir partake in “obediences,” daily rituals enacted in hopes of receiving special blessings. Go out to the water and gaze into its depths. Contemplate its tranquil motion and the way in which it ebbs and flows with the currents, the wind, and bends with the changes. Gain a +4 sacred bonus to Swim, Heal, Knowledge (nature), and Profession skill checks.


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