Northron Pantheon


The strongest of the Aesen, Ulfethinn (ULF-e-thin) is the son of Yülthn and Guthrun. He is also husband to Saehildr and father to Isranthr. Ulfethinn is power and strength incarnate. The mighty blows of his hammer cause the thunder to rumble across the skies of all worlds. Where as his father is tricky and guileful, Ulfethinn is simple and direct. He loves battle and often faces multiple foes in contests of strength and martial prowess.


The measure of a person lies in how that person faces and handles challenges. The cult believes thoroughly in self-reliance and individual strength. Just as violent storms are necessary to clear away weak structures and detritus, so are violent conflicts also sometimes necessary. Physical prowess is most important in conflict and nothing challenges people like combat. People often welcome the cult for its strong role in local defense.

Clergy and Temples

Ulfethinn’s clergy tend to be battle-ready at all times, patrolling local communities with their warhammers, staying on alert for any threat. Their straight-forward, earthy natures make them popular with common folk. Even half-orc clerics of Ulfethinn have been known to be popular.

Temples to Ulfethinn are common in mountain regions and, like many Northron temples, double as forts. In times of peace they are raucous halls of free-flowing mead, food, and entertainment. In times of war, they are the first line of defense. Many also contain rooms for quiet contemplation and prayer to Ulfethinn to calm his storms.

Greetings to visitors to temples are always boisterous and often include challenges to wrestle, to drink, or even to engage in a foot-race. Nevertheless, the gaiety turns focused to defense if news of trouble comes.


Ulfethinn is a huge man with long red hair and beard. He wields a mighty warhammer and rides in a great chariot pulled a great black bull (Hranthugir).


Certain devout followers of the Thunderer have been known to perform daily rituals in hopes of gaining his special favor. Perform a series of strength-building exercises designed for this purpose. As you work, contemplate the feeling of power flowing through your veins and its divine source. Gain a +4 sacred bonus to all Strength-based skill and ability checks, as well as all Survival checks. Gain an additional +2 sacred damage modifier to combat damage.


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