Midron Pantheon

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Torth (TORTH) is the Lord Maker, god of crafting, smithing, and engineering.

Torth is one of the Later Gods of the Midron pantheon, birthed of the elements rather than the First Gods. His church is dedicated to the betterment of public life and an active part of most Midron communities.


Torth is the father of Syl, Lady of the Trees, by his some-time lover Lady Kartal. He is a respected member of the pantheon, striving to heal strife and forge alliances among the gods. He is the armorer of the gods and the forger of many a hero’s weapon.

Torth is especially active in the lives of humankind, his church being charged with maintaining civic life and encouraging the arts and other creative endeavors.

Appearances and Emissaries

Torth appears as a large man, a smith, with reddish-gold hair and beard, and a large hammer (“Anvilstrike”).

Worship of Torth

The creation of goods and of art is an expression of the divine. Hard labor, honesty, dependability—these are virtues that should be cultivated in all. Tackle problems with vigor and persistence. Forge alliances. Seek to build rather than to destroy.

Followers of Torth often dedicate works to him as a form of prayer.

Worshipers and Clergy

Worshiper of Torth tend to be artisans, engineers, and smiths. Some dwarves have been known to dedicate themselves to the Lord Maker.

The clergy often dress in long, red tunics with their symbol emblazoned upon it. They are dedicated to apprenticing new smiths and artisans and maintaining the perpetual forge-fires of the temple.

Temples and Shrines

Temples to Torth are important civic centers, housing artisans, smiths, and other creators. Each have perpetual forge-fires going that are maintained by the priests.

Holy Days

The month of Awakening is often dedicated to the creation of a new good/work for use in the new year.


Certain devout followers of Lord Maker perform a daily ritual to secure his good graces and a special blessing. Either create, or continue to work on creating, some saleable item as a form of prayer. Gain a +4 sacred bonus to Craft, Appraise, Profession, and Perform checks. Cast Mending once today as a cleric of your level.


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