The Urkhani

Human and Non-Human Races

Along with their brute strength and comparatively low intellect, the primary difference between the Urkhani (orcs) and the civilized humanoids is their attitude.

Physical Appearance

This savage creature looks like a bestial version of a savage human, with green-gray skin and greasy black hair. Most sport pointed ears and often have over-sized pointed teeth and/or tusks as well as clawed hands. An adult male orc is roughly 6 feet tall and 210 pounds. Females are slightly smaller in build and in height.


As a culture, orcs are violent and aggressive, with the strongest ruling the the rest through fear and brutality. They take what they want by force and think nothing of slaughtering or enslaving entire villages when they can get away with it. They have little time for niceties or details and their camps and villages tend to be filthy, ramshackle affairs filled with drunken brawls, pit fights, and other sadistic entertainment. Lacking the patience for farming and only able to shepherd the most robust and self-sufficient animals, orcs almost always find it easier to take what someone else has built than to create things themselves. They are arrogant and quick to anger when challenged, but only worry about honor so far as it directly benefits them to do so.

Urk-Khag (Half-Orcs)

Orcs and humans interbreed frequently, though this is almost always the result of raids and slave-taking rather than consensual unions. Many orc tribes purposefully breed for Half-Orcs and raise them as their own, as the smarter progeny make excellent strategists and leaders for their tribes. Among the Urkhani, they are known as The Urk-Khag or “Ork-Man”.


The Urkhani see all other races as prey. Other races see orcs as a monstrous scourge, a blight upon the land.

Alignment and Religion

Most orcs veer toward Chaotic Evil in alignment. This is by nature and is reinforced by the nature of their society. They are by nature brutal and savage.

Orcs worship the god Saarask, the warrior-progenitor god of the Urkhani race.


Male : Brusk, Gurach, Harsk, Murtak, Surark, Tark, Zorsk

Female : Agda, Gurla, Hartha, Mura, Ratha, Sarth, Torsha, Zuthra

The Urkhani

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