The Serpent's Path



“The Serpent’s Path” is a set of teachings and practices that emphasize the orderly balance of mind, body, and spirit.


The first Master of the Serpent’s Path was a dwarf by the name of Tragnar Stonespinner, who later took on the name Vectirim, an ancient Acheran word for “Master Serpent.” Vectirim was a practitioner of Shandorian Dhakranism, but found that “the Eight-Fold Path” leaned too far toward a prescriptive way of life rather than one of simple balance.

Vectirim, after developing his Serpent’s Path, established his first monastery in Osandar in 398 AT.


As in mainstream Dhakranism, The Serpent’s Path does not hold with the casting down of other practices or paths to enlightenment. It only claims to be one of many. Therefore, its adherents maintain good relations with most other religious/philosophic practices.

Nevertheless, many adherents to Dhakranism do not believe that The Serpent’s Path is a true path to enlightenment as it flaunts many of the Eight-Fold Path’s central precepts.

Sorcery is a power that is not part of the Serpent’s Path and therefore neither abhorred nor venerated. It is a part of this world and therefore probably natural and as prone to good as to bad.

The Serepent’s Path

The Serpent’s Path is comprised of the following central tenets:

  1. The Turn of the Steady Eye: View reality as it is, not as it appears to be—or as you wish it to be.
  2. The Turn of the Steady Hand: Always speak with truthfulness.
  3. The Turn of the Steady Stride: Walk a path of balance, equal parts shadow and light.
  4. The Turn of the Steady Mind: Strive for harmony of thought and deed.

Worshipers and Clergy

Some privately follow the Serpent’s Path in their lives, seeking enlightenment in that way. Others seek to attain enlightenment through following a Master, one who traveled further along the Path than themselves, becoming their Disciples. Such masters and disciples are known as monks.

Temples and Shrines

Monasteries of the Serpent are austere centers of learning and contemplation. The monks are focused on karmic balance and harmony. While some creature comforts exist, they are balanced by a sense of proportion.

Holy Texts

Many of the techniques perfected by the masters of the Serpent’s Path over the centuries have been recorded on scrolls and in tomes of great wisdom. These are are rare and held with great reverence in the monasteries.

The Serpent's Path

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