The Postal Guild


The postal services in Zaldara began with couriers that ran messages throughout the Acheran Empire. After the empire fell, the idea continued amongst the university systems and between individual kingdoms, but the problem remained that a system was needed to unite services throughout the continent. Eventually, a Guild was created to do just that.


A Guild Stamp can be purchased for a standard letter for 1 copper piece. International stamps are 1 silver piece. Parcels of 1 pound require a 2 stamps. Parcels of 2 pounds require 3 stamps, and so forth. Scales and weights will be found at the local guildhall and all weights will determined by the local Guild Inspector.

Letters and parcels with proper Guild Stamps will then be delivered in a timely manner to any location on the continent—with the caveat that a proper address or description of the location can be provided to the Guild.

Guildhalls in most major municipalities can provide pigeon post for the cost of 5 copper for a brief message (100 words). Pigeon post is provided to and from the following municipalities:


The symbol of the Postal Guild is a golden seal embossed with a red quill.

The Postal Guild

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