The Nazul


Nazul boxThe Nazul (NAH-zool), is the primal force of utter destruction, a force that has threatened existence since its earliest days. It stands in direct opposition to Azumazran, the primary deity of the group known as The Three. The group includes Azumartuk (“Light of Law”) and Azunapath (“Light of Creation”).

The Nazul drives the forces of chaos, destruction, and darkness throughout existence. His darkness is a forever encroaching force that requires constant vigilance to combat.

The Nazul is primarily associated with Darkness, Evil, and Destruction.


The Nazul has been worshiped in many forms since the beginning of time. There have always been those that want power, glory, vengeance—all in return for the light of their souls. This incarnation of worship began with the worship of The Three (and Azumazran in particular), which began with the ancient Acheran tribes. When the Acherans achieved their Empire, about a century after The Scattering, the worship spread to other parts of Zaldara. Though the Empire eventually atrophied, the faith did not.


The Nazul stands in direct oppostion to the forces of light and creation. In particular, the god Azumazran, who represents the “Light of Wisdom”. Its followers often cross paths with the paladins of Azumartuk and attempt to thwart the works of Azunapath.

Its followers are referred to as the Nazulim. Their ranks are made up of those that have been fooled by promises of power or immortality to operate for the benefit of The Nazul and its Daeva (demons).

Appearances and Emissaries

The Nazul has been said to appear to those chosen for such a “privilege” as a swirling vortex of sensation—light, sound, texture, odors, and even tastes…so strange and ever-changing that it is not unusual for the recipient of such a vision to go mad.

The Nazul itself does not exist within our reality—yet—but in a plane of existence known as the Bethnaizu (“spiritual darkness”). It touches our plane and sends out his servants, the Daeva (demons) to do his work on this plane.

The Daeva are often warped versions of souls damned by Azumartuk to eternal transformation. Others, older and more powerful, are those that devoted themselves to the work of Darkness and Destruction and have been…rewarded…

Worship of The Nazul

The pleasure of the deity is based almost entirely upon actions in life. Ritual is merely a reinforcement of the principles of Darkness and Destruction.

Blasphemy to the Nazul are the forces of life and creation. The cycle of rebirth. The Light of Wisdom, Law, and Creation.

The faith of the Nazulim is that when the Nazul finally triumphs, they will hold a place of honor at its side. Or, at the very least, not be destroyed.

Worshipers and Clergy

Both men and women of any race may serve priests and followers of the Nazul.

Priests of the Nazul are often secretive—their chosen faith is illegal in most lands and paladins are always roaming, looking for signs.

During the rare occasions that they have a gathering, the priest will wear black robes and a mask depicting a swirling, nightmare of a face, trapped in a vortex. Followers often are given secret hand signals or vocal signs to let another know that they are of the faithful.

Temples and Shrines

Temples to the Nazul exist throughout the civilized west of Zaldara, though often in secret or abandoned places.

Temples maintain an altar on which they perform their hideous blood-rites.

Holy Texts

No one is certain of its existence, but some believe that there is a text, referred to as the Vortex Grimoire, that details the rites to bring the Nazul fully into this plane of existence. Most pray that if it exists, it stays hidden.


The highest holy day for the Nazulim is 15 Longnight (the longest night of the year). If this night happens to be that of the new moon—all to the better.


Some particularly devoted follows of the Nazul partake in obediences, peculiar daily rituals, in hopes of being granted a boon from their fell lord. Take a sentient creature, preferably a humanoid, and draw their blood with an obsidian blade—it does have to be enough to kill. Take their blood and make a swirling vortex symbol on the floor and contemplate the chaos while chanting prayers to the Nazul. Gain a +4 profane bonus to d4 random skills.


The Nazul’s needs are simple—Darkness and Destruction and Chaos. Dedicate these to him and you will do well.

The Nazul

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