The Maelstrom


The Maelstrom (aka Limbo)


When viewed from the edge of another plane, the Maelstrom’s (also known as Limbo) features appear much like that of its adjacent neighbor. The differences grow more profound farther away from the stabilizing anchor of the borderlands, eventually falling back into the mutable freedom of perpetual change in a vast churning sea of possibility called the Cerulean Void. The Maelstrom defies the efforts of mapmakers, as its very character shifts and flows like the tide of an unseen ocean, to which the borderlands are but shores and calm shallows. Crystalline forests melt like candle wax into shallow brine seas with jewel-like icebergs, and then sublimate to vast parched deserts, all within the stretch of days. Still, islands of stability do exist within the depths of the Maelstrom. Petty gods, exiled fiends, and fallen celestials rule such islands, and even the rare stronghold of a mortal wizard or priest-king can be found here, holding itself against the metaphysical lapping tide. Creatures wandering in from the structured planes, long since grown native, populate the Maelstrom’s borderlands, often possessing characteristics and behaviors at odds with their origins. Deeper still, the mysterious serpentine proteans thrive within an environment of plastic potentiality. Claiming to be the first children of the Outer Planes, the proteans worship alien, godlike beings they refer to as the Speakers of the Depths, whom scholars speculate to be something akin to a pair of conjoined gods or a single dualistic entity.

The Maelstrom has the following planar traits:

  • Subjective Directional Gravity and Normal Gravity: On the few islands of stability within the Maelstrom, gravity is more likely to be normal (down is toward the center of mass). Everywhere else, gravity is subjective directional.
  • Erratic Time
  • Highly Morphic
  • Strongly Chaos-Aligned
  • Wild Magic and Normal Magic: On the few islands of stability within the Maelstrom, magic is more likely to be normal. Magic is wild everywhere else.

The Maelstrom

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