The Heart of the World

Heart of the World

From Tazvian Hammerfall ( leader of “the Conclave of the Forge” ) …

Fact: Its a mineral
Fact: There is about 10 oz locked inside the temple of Skondiir ; considered a holy artifact
Fact: There is 0 chance the temple will talk to us about it.

Can we ingratiate ourselves to the temple of Skondiir to get a look at the mineral?

Rumor: A deep well mine under the city of Khazak-Ur.
According to Corum Flintspire ( drunkard at “The Lucky Cup” ) …
He was part of an expedition that found the vein but also found a Gorozog that slaughter all but him.
Funded by the Thane’s nephew, Rolgar Graniteshard.
He sent two separate adventuring parties to clear it out, neither returned.
Corum says he will not guide us down there ; we’ll see.

Can we offer our services to Rolgar to get a portion of the mineral?

Surm’s Notes

The Heart of the World

The Heart of the World is an exceedingly rare silvery/blue substance that is rumored to have the strength of adamantine and the lightness of mithral. It is found only in the deepest of the deep caverns of the underground realms. It is considered a holy item by the dwarven followers of Skondir and its very existence is considered a dwarven state secret. However, information about the metal has inevitably leaked to other quarters, making it a thing of legend.
The most likely location of any troves of this rare metal would be the city of Khazak-Ur, the capital of the dwarven nation. It lies some 200-225 miles from Kalimsport, to the NE, as the crow flies. It lies nestled in the Hadurk-Sur mountain range.
The most likely source of information on any sources of the element would be the temple of Skondir; however, they are unlikely to part with such information to outsiders.
The temple of Skondir at Khazak-Ur is currently led by Grand Hammer Sorja Stonegrim. She is a veteran fighter who is said to have suffered some sort of injury in the course of her service and now stays primarily at the temple. Her superior, Grand Anvil Rognar Splitaxe, also resides at the temple. He oversees the spiritual needs of the entire Skondir religion. He, too, is a veteran fighter but now resides primarily at the temple. Both Stonegrim and Splitaxe are reputed to be exemplary dwarves of honor and service and good.
The University may be able to provide more information on the city of Khazak-Ur or on dwarves in general, but they have exhausted their sources on the Heart of the World.
Khazak-Ur: Silver crown on black and silver wedges
One of three primary Dwarven cities of Hadurk-Sur. Khazak-Ur is considered by most dwarves to the their capital, though they have not had a proper King in several centuries. The dwarves are now ruled by their clan Thanes, not a united king.
Khazak-Ur is the only dwarven city that is built both above ground and below, providing access to the depths beneath the mountains. It is a major access point for trade with dwarven artisans and craftsmen.
The city of Khazak-Ur is ruled by a council of thanes known as the Thannic council. Each of the 7 local clans is represented by its thane (or his duly appointed representatives). The council appoints magistrates, settles disputes, and handles all aspects of government within the city.
Order is maintained in the city through the Anvil Guard, the city’s combination militia and policing body. The Guard is headed by its Marshall. The warriors of the guard are designated by their wearing of black and gold armbands.
Points of Interest:
The Lonely Throne, the unoccupied seat of the Dwarven kingship, sits in the Hall of Kings. It is guarded by an elite squad of dwarven warriors.
The Hall of Making, a vast complex dedicated to a variety of crafts and metallurgic arts, lies near the heart of the Upper City. It is essentially a large temple dedicated to Skondir.
Kargan’s Run is a ruined neighborhood near the lowest slums of the lower city. It is only tangentially part of the city and has only been heard of by sages. It has long since fallen to ruin and been reclaimed by the various things that live beneath the earth.

The Heart of the World

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