The Guild of the Basilisk


This guild acts as a “civilian auxiliary” to the The Order of the Cockatrice. it is made of prominent citizens who are loyal to the cause of that Order and its tenet of self-service.


This guild is based in the city of Jenna in Eacenia in a large guildhall. Other guildhalls are spread out throughout the “civilized” Midron and Southron lands. It is overseen by an Illustrious Potentate at the main guildhall in Jenna and each individual guildhall is ran by Guildmasters.

Each guildhall takes in Journeymen into the guildhall for initiation into the rites and orders of the guild. Journeymen are non-voting members of the guildhall. Once they pass certain rites then they become Guildsmen—full voting members of the guild. Then they can become Deacons which are elder members of the guildhall which form a special council for certain special matters, such as selecting the candidates for Guildmaster.


The symbol of the Guild is a eight-pointed purple star on a field of black.


To thine own self be true.

The Guild of the Basilisk

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