The Gambler's Guild of Kalimsport


This guild regulates all of the legal gambling operations in the City of Kalimsport.


This Guild is based in a large Guildhall in the central portion of the city. It is overseen by a Guildmaster who is selected from a ruling council of Bosses. Bosses are elected by the voting members of the Guild, which are referred to as Guild Players. Journeyman Players are taken into the Guildhall for initiation into the rites and orders of the Guild and do not have voting rights until that become Guild Players.


The symbol of the Guild is a white six-sided die whose pips are black stars.


Eternally seek fortune’s bounty.

Guild Sanction

House Games

By City law, all “House” games must be sanctioned by the Guild. “House” games are defined as follows:

  • Games with more than 8 participants OR a pot of more than 20 gold pieces
  • The proprietor of a “House” game must either be of the landed classes or a tenant landholder

To receive Guild sanction, the proprietor of a “House” game must do the following:

  • Pay a 10 gold piece processing fee
  • Fill out the Guild Sanction Questionnaire (or have a Guild scribe fill it out for you)
  • Provide at least one reference who is either a member of the Gambler’s Guild or a sanctioned “House” game proprietor

The Guild Bosses will review the Questionnaire and the reference(s) provided and come to a decision as to whether or not sanction will be granted.

Guild sanction lasts until it is revoked at the pleasure of the Guild Bosses. Reasons for revoking sanction can include (but is not exclusive to) the following:

  • Running a crooked game
  • Non-payment of debts
  • Sullying the reputation of the Guild
  • Trouble with the constabulary

Sanction comes in the form of official sealed documents from the Guild that must be presented when called for by City officials.

Heavy Wagers

By City law, all “Heavy Wagers” must be brokered by the Guild. “Heavy Wagers” are defined as follows:

  • Wagers over 10 gold pieces

To secure a Guild broker, the parties of a “Heavy Wager” must do the following:

  • Meet with a approved Guild-sanctioned broker who will determine the proper odds for the wager (ie ‘making book’).
  • The broker will act as a witness to the wager and will record the wager in the Guild log book for prosperity.

Should the losing party fail to comply with their end of the bargain, the Guild will take steps to help the winning party attain recompense.

The Gambler's Guild of Kalimsport

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