The Baerâsidhedé

Human and Non-Human Races

Since the two races first came into contact with each other, humans have held up Elves as models of physical perfection, seeing in the fair folk idealized versions of themselves. Sometimes this mutual infatuation leads to romantic relationships, though usually short lived trysts are the end result. These sometimes lead to the birth of Half-Elves (or, in polite company, the Baerâsidhedé (bare-AH-she-heh-DAY) or “man-elf”.

Half-Elves are descended of two races and cultures, and yet inheritor of neither. They are often shunned by both lines of their ancestry, referred to as “half-breeds” or “half-humans”. The less polite in Elven society refer to them as the Sinârandrathé (see-NAR-an-dra-THAY) or “blood tainted”.

Physical Description

Half-Elves stand taller than humans, but shorter than Elves. They inherit the lean build and comely features of their Elven lineage, but their skin color is dictated by their human side. While Half-Elves retain the pointed ears of Elves, theirs are more rounded and less pronounced. A Half-Elf’s human-like eyes tend to range a spectrum of exotic colors running from amber to violet to emerald green and deep blue.


Half-Elves lack a unified homeland and culture, forcing them to become versatile and able to conform to any environment. Half-Elves rarely fit in with either humans or Elves, as both see too much evidence of the other in them. For some, this weighs heavily; for others, they are bolstered by their unique status and freedom.


A Half-Elf understands loneliness, and appreciates life experience more than heritage. As such, they are often open to friendships and alliances with other races and less likely to rely on first impressions.

Alignment and Religion

Half-Elven isolation strongly influences their characters and philosophies. Cruelty does not come naturally to them, nor does blending in and bending to societal convention—as a result, most are Chaotic Good. If a Half-Elf turns to religion, it will likely be that of their homeland.


Half-Elves tend to be itinerants, wandering the lands in search of a place they might finally call home. The desire to prove oneself to the community and establish a personal identity—or even a legacy—drives many Half-Elf adventurers to lives of bravery.


Male : Araldan, Calathes, Encinal, Ilthomthir, Kyras, Lendthalros, Larardel, Narciso, Quiray, Raelasfal, Satinder, Seltyiel, Zirul

Female : Aegadedel, Cathran, Elsbeth, Gilthalwen, Iandoli, Ilmthonwen, Kieyanna, Liadlda, Maddela, Nimeriel, Reda, Rindebion, Tamari

The Baerâsidhedé

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