Midron Pantheon

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Sylene (sigh-LEEN) is the ever-changing moon, the mistress of the tides.

Sylene is second born of the Later Gods of the Midron pantheon, birthed of the elements rather than the First Gods. Descended from darkeness and water, she is a powerful god, though her church is often venerated in secret by the Midron peoples. She is revered by sailors for her control of the changing sea tides and by rogues for her control of the tides of fate. Nevertheless, she is a tricky goddess, and even veneration cannot always buy her favor.


Sylene is the brother of Halor (Lord Sun). She often finds herself in opposition with her brother and in rivalry against Nimar (Lady of the Waves). Her ever-changing nature has placed her opposition and alignment with all of the various deities of the pantheon at one time or another. It is also said that she has had a romantic relationship with Nekras.

Sylene is often aloof and indifferent to humanity—and to most creatures, divine or mortal.

Appearances and Emissaries

Sylene has been known to appear as a silver-haired woman, thin but beautiful with delicate, almost elfin, features. She wears a cloak of deepest black and her eyes shine like stars.

Worship of Sylene

The Lady Moon is nothing if not ever-changing, thus the moon is a symbol of changeability. The tides flow at her whim, as does chance and shadow. She is a trickster and a wise fool. She values trickery and guile over competition and strength. She often will change sides, helping the underdog whenever able. Good or evil matter less than cleverness and coming up from the bottom to win in the end.

Moonrise is held to be sacred by followers of Sylene. The full moon is of particular importance, as are times of high tide.

Worshipers and Clergy

Sylene accepts the worship of all, but most of her followers tend to be sailors or rogues.

Priests of Sylene often wear silver and black and carry a moon-disc.

Temples and Shrines

Seaside shrines to Sylene, open to the moon, are more common than full-blown temples. Rank is usually achieved through followers more than the running of a temple.


The time of the full moon during the month of Transformation is held to be especially sacred to followers of Sylene. Those nights are filled with revelry and tricks (usually benign) are played upon the unwary.


Certain devout followers of Sylene perform daily rituals to gain her special blessings. In the early-morning moonlight, or in the changing tide, contemplate the face of the moon and try to read its ever-changing moods. Gain a +1 sacred or profane (your choice) bonus to all skill checks during the new moon, +5 during the full moon, and +3 during the other phases. You may also cast Alter Self once per day as a sorcerer of your current level.


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