Midron Pantheon

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Syl (SILL) is the Lady of the Trees, the protector of the woods and forests.

Syl is one of the Later Gods of the Midron pantheon, birthed of the elements rather than the First Gods. Her worship is dedicated to protecting and venerating the forests and woodlands of the world.


Syl is the daughter of Kartal and her some-time lover Torth. She is considered a minor power by most of the pantheon, but is respected for her wisdom and her moderation.

Syl is very active in the lives of humanity and is a force for good and purity in the world.

Appearances and Emissaries

Syl appears as a beautiful, green-haired maiden dressed in a green, leafy wrap. She also appears in green banded armor and wielding a longsword. She has also been known to take on the form of a white unicorn, her sigil.

Worship of Syl

Syl watches over all the good people who live in harmony with their woodland homes. She expects her followers to protect the forest and woodlands from overuse and destruction. The bounty of the forest is a gift of the divine to be cherished.

Worshipers and Clergy

Rangers, woodsmen, and Druids are often drawn to the worship of Syl. Some elves or half-elves have also devoted themselves to the Lady of the Trees.

Clergy that have devoted themselves to Syl wear forest green robes or tunics, often with the sigil of the unicorn emblazoned upon it.

Temples and Shrines

Temples to Syl are generally open air affairs, with only trees for a roof. These are generally located in sacred groves or deep within the old growth forest. Shrines to Syl can often be found in forest villages and dwellings.


Certain devout followers of Syl partake in a daily ritual to invoke her special blessing. Find a tree and rest your hands upon its bark. Listen. Listen to the tree and the soft music it makes. Can you hear it yet? Keep listening… Gain a +4 sacred bonus to Survival, Knowledge (nature), and Perception checks. Gain the druid’s Woodland Stride (Ex) ability for one day.


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