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Surm Ulrich
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Crimson Cord Quests

Kirirthterrix’s Fire
The Heart of the World
The Purple Lotus of Kadath
The Dead God’s Dark Breath
Deliver Orphans
Isranthr’s Spear
Sakka the Grim

The Obelisk 19 Harvest 508

At the University, Kerendal seems very excited. He has you all sit down and has the obelisk on a desk before you.

“This find is exceptional. Trevans and I have been working all day and all of last night, making notes and studying it. Not only is it an intact Aedonii narrative, but it details a particular ritual that is a unique meld of Aedonii and Ysar magics. Exceptional!

The narrative itself is focused on an Aedonii princess by the name of Imano-Tai. She was a princess, but also an adventurer and a scholar. She sought not only enlightenment, but transformation. And, according to the narrative, she achieved it. The narrative details how she “ascended” to a heightened form of existence. I translate the actual phrase “walking in the halls of the gods.” Through the use of a ritual that combines Aedonii and Ysar magics, which took place in the Chamber of Harmony in the central temple of the Aedonii city of Andropolae, she was transformed. Inside the chamber is an obelisk known as the Stone of Ascension. Through its use in the ritual, a person could achieve this heightened state.

The ritual requires several parts to be complete. However, their descriptions are devilishly vague:

Kirirthterrix’s Fire
The Heart of the World
The Purple Lotus of Kadath
The Dead God’s Dark Breath
All of these requisite parts are used in the final ritual. Now, Kiritherrix is a Draconic name, this much I know. However, I do not know of any of the other parts mentioned. Still, an intriguing find nonetheless. Linguistically, it helps confirm many of my suppositions about the Old High Aedonii."

Kerendal smiles. “It is an honor to get to study such an object. While I can study further and get more nuance and beauty from the text, this is the gist, as it were, of the narrative.”

Report from the Department of Philosophy and Metaphysics, 1 Changewind 508

The Deal

1. The “Item of Mutual Interest” itself will remain with the University of Kalimsport in accordance with the contract previously agreed upon by the Crimson Cord.
2. The Crimson Cord is, as of now, free of all current debts owed to the Overlord of Kalimsport, Colyn Voss. This contract does not address any future debts that may be levied upon the Crimson Cord by the Overlord in future transactions, nor does it address personal debts that may or may not be incurred by individual members of the Crimson Cord acting on their own behalf.
3. The sum of 300,000 gold florins will be paid to the Crimson Cord forthwith. This transaction will be completed either through transfer with the Bank of Kalimsport or a physical delivery of funds to an agreed-upon address.
4. The Crimson Cord will receive three (3) Tenant Contracts for three (3) plots of land within the confines of the City of Kalimsport. They will also receive three (3) Building Licenses for the erection of improvements upon said plots. The awarding of the Tenant Contract and Building Licenses will be provided free of the usual fees levied for such services. The awarding of the Building Contracts will pend approval from the Overlord, but three (3) such Licenses will be issued. Annual taxes and/or rental fees on the properties will be waived for a period of five (5) years for each parcel and improvement. In addition, the City of Kalimsport will fund the erection of the approved improvements up to a total sum of 10,000 gold florins for each improvement.
5. The Overlord of Kalimsport will arrange for the creation of four (4) teleportation circles to be placed according to the dictates of the Crimson Cord. All points of travel through said circles will enter and leave from one or more of the above indicated buildings. Not one of these teleportation circles will be placed within the confines of the Overlord of Kalimsport’s Keep.

If the above contract is acceptable, then the Overlord will place his seal upon it and allow you, as a representative of the Crimson Cord, to sign off upon it. A copy of the agreement will be provided within a week for your personal records. The contract itself will be place under seal according to the dictates of the Overlord.

City Contact Notes
Aldasar Lord Cannach Ma’leod Noble Lord, good buddy of the Cord
Aldasar Prioress Drenham Lead a group of priests with us into the necromancer lair
Aeth Alrik Brytagsson King of…; our family liege lord, favors us now
Almathriel Paranthiel Springvale Noble Elf Lord, collects Ysarian artifacts
Almathriel Pantantriel Theisadalra The Prince of the Stars ; ruler of the city and the son of the Queen
Almathriel Imraela Theisadalra Queen of the Sun, Moon, and Stars ; made me a “Keeper of the Seal”
Kalimsport Colyn Voss Overlord of…
Kalimsport Meliora Gynn noble Lady, hired the Cord, friendly
Kalimsport Borwyn Cranbarrow Noble minor-Lord, friend of Lady Gynn, cleared his family estate
Kalimsport Mandreth Kerendal Sage (Adonii), rescued from Orcs
Kalimsport Chancellor Eldyn Valtaer Chancellor of university in …, associate
Soos Kremlach Warleader/Council (1 of 3); raided frost giants with him
Yrda Mirka H-O Elder priestess; Savaric’s GF
Yrda Sigurd Danulfsson King of…; super fan of the Cord

Surm's Notes

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