Human and Non-Human Races

“Southron” is the designation given to the human racial type living primarily in the far south of Zaldara. This includes the nations of Achera, Kuskar, The Jirran Freeholds, Tarsas, and parts of Sianae.

People of these regions tend to have dark brown skin to redish-brown skin, thick brown or black hair, and brown eyes.

Southron facial structure tends to feature strong, prominent bones and squared jaws. They also tend to be full-lipped and have large, almond-shaped eyes.

Southron men usually grow to be anywhere from 5’6" to 5’10". Southron women tend to be shorter, growing to anywhere from 5’0" to 5’6". Tall Southrons are not common.

Acherans, in particular, are known for their hawk-like profiles.

Tarsians are known for their olive skin and amber-brown eyes.

Kuskars tend toward darker skin and darker eyes and are known for their thick mustaches.

Freeholders are a varied mix of peoples, but with much Southron stock.

The Sianae of the Tarsian border region tend toward similar features to their neighbors. Northwestern Sianae tend to be of lighter skin and eye, tending more toward Midron features.


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