Soos (SOOS) is a decent-sized village on the northern coast of Jossia, almost directly south of Burindr.


Black raven on red background (Soodthyngs)


Stat Block

CN Small Town

Corruption -2
Crime -0
Economy -0
Law -2
Lore -1
Society +5

Qualities: Defiant, Insular
Danger: 0
Government: Council
Population: 221 (Human)
Notable NPCs:

Kremlach : Councilman and warleader
Dorya : Councilwoman and midwife
Sigmun : Councilman and fisherman

Base Value: 1000 gp
Purchase Limit: 5000 gp
Spellcasting: 4th
Minor: 3d4 ; Medium: 1d6

Taxes and Tariffs

There are no taxes or tariffs in Soos.

Money Changing

All precious metals, regardless of mint, are acceptable in Soos.


The village is ruled by the council of elders, whose agreement is binding.

Points of Interest

The village has a single longship in the small harbor, Frostbreaker. It is crewed by the village’s raiding party, a group of about 100 fine warriors.

Food and Lodging


Hall of Yülthn: A modest inn that caters to travelers of all sorts.
Hall of Ulfir: A drinking hall dedicated to the Calm Waves.

Hall of Yülthn Hall of Ulfir
Common Room 2 sp 1 sp
Room (Private) 2 gp
Suite (small) 4 gp
Suite (Luxury) 20 gp
Meal (poor) 3 cp 3 cp
Meal (common) 1 sp 1 sp
Meal (good) 2 sp
Bath (cold) 2 cp
Bath (hot) 6 cp
Stabling 5 sp
Laundry (4 articles) 1sp
Mending (per article) 3 cp
Strongbox (per night) 2 sp 2 sp
Ale (mug) 4 cp 3 cp
Ale (gallon) 2 sp 2 sp
Wine (common/pitcher) 2 sp 2 sp
Wine (fine/bottle) 10 gp 10 sp
Liquor/Tonics (cup) 1 sp 1 sp


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