Northron Pantheon


Solveig (SOL-vague) is the goddess of the mountain heights and the bringer of winter snows. She is the daughter of Guthrun and a Frost Giant.


Solveig loves the cold of winter and the wind on mountain peaks. She teaches respect for the earth and mountains, as well as readiness for battle. The strength of the mountains is everlasting, unmovable. Thus should her cultists be.

Clergy and Temples

Clergy devoted to Solveig are imposing figures, appearing rough and ready to fight. Though they only enter into combat when necessary, most are highly skilled warriors or barbarians.

Temples to Solvieg tend to be on or near mountains and blend with the local landscape. Many are cold places, without hearth fires. Visitors to such temples receive warm welcomes if they are braving the dangers of the mountainside. The clergy gladly share their information about hazards and trails.


Solveig is a tall, imposing woman with blue hair and sparking white eyes. She wields a mighty greataxe (“Skullsplitter”) and wears half-plate armor, etched with various winter motifs.


Certain devout followers of the Cold One perform daily rituals in hopes of receiving her special blessings. With a stone pre-selected for this purpose, focus your concentration and contemplate the unmovable nature of the earth. The ways in which it moves—yet is unmovable—and imagine the feeling of the winter winds buffeting your stone, chipping away at its defiance and yet it is not moved. Gain a +4 sacred or profane (your choice) bonus to CMD and a +2 sacred or profane (your choice) bonus to cold effects.


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