Demon Lords


The Silken Sin
CE male demon lord of perversion, pride, and taboos


Unholy Symbol: eyeless snake coiled around a bejeweled staff
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Charm, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Temple: Desecrated churches, dungeons, harems, secret cathedrals, prisons, torture chambers
Worshipers: Deviant rulers, drow, half-fiends, hedonists
Minions: Half-fiend animals, half-fiend magical beasts, seraptis demons, succubi
Obedience: Achieve sexual release, either alone or with a partner, and then defile a page torn from the religious canon of a lawful good deity. Gain a +4 bonus on saves against enchantment effects. Your mind-affecting effects become harder to resist. Increase the save DC of such effects created by you by +1, or by +2 when used against an intelligent creature that could be sexually attracted to you.

If Nocticula is the demonic embodiment of seduction and lust, then her brother and lover Socothbenoth is the embodiment of the methods by which such hungers are satiated. Paragon to deviants of all types, Socothbenoth views all of creation as his personal arena of pleasure. His tastes, and those of his faithful, tend to run to the violent and destructive. He is fond of changing his form on a whim to aid in whatever pleasures he currently seeks, but his true form is that of a lithe, handsome man with black eyes, long brown hair, pointed ears, and numerous body piercings of metal and bone. His cult is strong among the drow, but also thrives in Tarsas, Sianae, and in Kalimsport.

Socothbenoth is a highly social demon lord, and maintains more contact with other demon lords than any of his kin. His greatest alliances are with his sister Nocticula, Pazuzu, Andirifkhu, and Baphomet—all of whom have at times served Socothbenoth as lovers. These alliances are prone to transformation into warfare at times as disagreements and arguments flare, but it is with his hated enemy Nurgal that Socothbenoth’s battles are most legendary.

Socothbenoth’s Abyssal palace is the Cathedral Thelemic, a city-sized structure containing thousands of rooms dedicated to the demon lord’s numerous vices. Despite the deceptively peaceful sylvan wilderness that surrounds it, one need not look far beneath the surface here to see the deviant activities that run rampant in Socothbenoth’s playground.


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