Dwarven Pantheon
Human and Non-Human Races

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Skondir (SKON-deer) is the primary deity of the Haduarkan (dwaven) race. Skondir forged the first of the dwarves out of stone and gems and breathed his life into them.


Skondir created the dwarven people to be lawful and good. He teaches the value of making goods that last, of loyalty to clan and people, of meeting adversity with stoicism and tenacity. It is the influence and example of The Maker that drives dwarves toward excellence in craftwork and staunch defense of what is theirs.

Clergy and Temples

Clerics of Skondir are charged with maintaining and advancing the dwarven race. They perform a wide range of public ceremonies and educate the young on what constitutes the life of the good dwarf. They also help arrange community defenses and sponsor expeditions to settle new lands.

Each temple or shrine to Skondir has a working forge. An anvil serves as the temple’s altar.


Skondir usually appears as a powerfully built dwarf with flaming hair and beard. He wears gleaming plate mail armor and carries a mighty warhammer.


Certain followers of Skondir perform a daily ritual to receive a special blessing from the deity. At a forge, make something—anything—does not have to be of importance or even kept. But in the process, imbue whatever it is with the essence of your dwarven spirit. Try to breathe your life into it, as Skondir did when he created the dwarves. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on all Craft, Profession, Appraise, and Survival skill checks.


Rank Title Responsibility Relative Level
Initiate Initiate Priest-in-training 0-1
Priest/Priestess Priest/Priestess Rank-and-file 1-5
Prior/Prioress Reverend Shrine/Church 5-10
Anvil Revered One Church/Temple 5-10
Hammer Most Reverend One City 10-15
Grand Hammer Blessed One Region 15-20
Grand Anvil Most Revered One All temples 15-20


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