Midron Pantheon

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Sima (SEE-ma) is the Lady of Magic, the goddess of sorcery and prophesy.

Sima is one of the Later Gods of the Midron pantheon, birthed of the elements rather than the First Gods. She is a powerful deity, though her church is small and shrouded in mystery.


Lady Sima is generally held in low esteem by the other Later Gods, thought to be a minor player and too unpredictable to make alliances with.

She is particularly enamored with humanity, gifting them with magic and with insights into their future.

Appearances and Emissaries

Sima looks like a young woman, no older than sixteen summers. Her long, black hair has a streak of white in it. She often appears shy and unassuming.

Worship of Sima

Magic is a powerful, often uncontrollable, force that weaves all of the elements together into something wonderful. The world itself is uncontrollable, free, and chaotic—that’s the nature of magic and of life. Sima sometimes gifts us with insights into the future, or possible future, but do not be fooled into thinking the world is predictable and set. Everything changes.

Followers of Sima often recite their prayers as part of their daily spell gathering.

Worshipers and Clergy

Sima accepts the worship of all, though she is particularly revered by sorcerers and oracles.

Priests and Oracles of Sima wear multicolored robes and carry multicolored fans.

Temples and Shrines

Temples to Sima are not widespread, it being a rather small cult. Shrines are much more prevalent, usually erected by Sorcerers or local oracles.

Siman rites are highly secretive, performed only by members of the clergy in the presence of other clergy.


Certain devout followers of Sima perform daily rituals in hopes of currying the goddess’ favor. Start with a open flame. Recite a prayer of contemplation as you light it. Then bring air by blowing onto the coals to make the fire grow. Next, bring earth by sprinkling sand upon the flames, but not enough to kill the fire, all the while chanting a prayer of contemplation. Finally, douse the fire with water, reciting a prayer of completion. Gaze into the newly formed smoke and try to interpret what you see there. Gain a +4 inspiration bonus to Knowledge (arcana), Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device. Cast Divination once today as a cleric of your current level.


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