Demon Lords


The Sacred Whore
CE female demon lord of hopeless despair, heresy, and suicide


Unholy Symbol: bloody feminine hands crossed at slashed wrists
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Charm, Madness
Favored Weapon: None
Temple: Desecrated churches, haunted houses, many-windowed towers
Worshipers: Blasphemers, heretics, outcasts from other religions, survivors of botched suicide attempts
Minions: Lamias, seraptis demons, undead crafted from the bodies of suicide victims
Obedience: Perform a ritualized suicide by first scribing a note lambasting your enemies and then pretending to kill yourself via strangulation or cutting. Gain a +4 profane bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects. Heresy (Su): Once per day as a standard action, you can utter blasphemy or heresy against a single religion other than the worship of a demon lord. A worshiper of the targeted religion must be able to hear your utterance, or this ability fails. You gain SR equal to your HD + 11 against spells cast by worshipers of the religion you spoke out against—this SR lasts until you use this ability again to blaspheme a different religion (as long as you continue your daily obedience, this SR persists until you select a different religion).

Sifkesh is unusual among the demons of the Abyss in that her motives are much more diabolical than those of most of her kin. She seeks not to destroy the body but to twist the mind away from purity, to seduce men and women of faith into betraying their religions in blasphemous ways that cause lingering damage to their faith’s reputation in society. Her greatest pleasure is to be with a fallen priest when he or she realizes what has been done and seeks suicide as the answer, for then Sifkesh can snatch away the heretic’s soul and consume it.

Sifkesh appears as a thin human woman with snow-white bird wings and stringy black hair that drips blood. Her lips and eyes are stitched shut with rusty wire, and her body is cut into sections at the joints. Usually, these amputations appear at the hips and shoulders, but at times they can appear elsewhere. Each portion floats independently, not quite moving in sync with the rest. Many believe Sifkesh was originally a powerful erinyes devil who became one of Hell’s first heretics. Sifkesh embodies the similar roles shared by the three major fiend races—she corrupts like a devil, feeds like a daemon, but is in fact a demon, a conundrum that has long vexed those seeking to impose order upon the nature of the demonic.

Sifkesh’s Abyssal realm is Vantian, the legendary City of Open Windows. This city sprawls along the edge of a cliff overlooking a churning sea—each day, portions of the cliff collapse into the sea, taking with them chunks of city. Vantian’s inhabitants constantly rebuild along the city’s far side, barely keeping pace with its destruction. It is said that false temples of every religion can be found in Vantian, all tended by fallen priests who took their own lives.


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