Sianaean Pantheon

Sianaean Cosmology

Sianaen pantheon

The Sianaean Pantheon is a complex political and religious cycle that governs the lives of all Sianaens.

The Greater and Lesser Pantheons

Power in Sianae is governed by the turning of the cycle of what is known as the Greater Pantheon. The Greater Pantheon are the eight animal-based gods that rule over all human lives.

  • Zhyor the Dragon (Chaotic Evil)
  • Imtiau the Raven (Chaotic Neutral)
  • Ragane the Lion (Chaotic Good)
  • Hurir the Horse (Neutral Good)
  • Charad the Phoenix (Lawful Good)
  • Arkal the Hawk (Lawful Neutral)
  • Samal the Wolf (Lawful Evil)
  • Urskil the Serpent (Neutral Evil)

The Lesser Pantheon is made up of various heroes and demi-gods that appear in the legends of Sianae. Some popular figures include:

  • Leolo the Lucky
  • Omodeo the Strong-Armed
  • Meliore the Beautiful
  • Tedescha the Oathbreaker
  • Pellario the Chaste

The Cycle

Political power in Sianae is tied to the turning of the great Cycle of the Greater Pantheon (or the Cycle). Each faction (Dragon, Phoenix, etc.) rules as monarch for 8 generations before the cycle turns again (though there have been occasions where the Cycle is “turned” because the current faction has no heir to take the throne). Each noble house has devoted themselves to a particular faction. Ascendancy within the factions is determined by each faction individually.

Of course, the temples associated with the Ascendant church directly benefit from the change of cycle—and pay the costs of that change when in decline.

Creation Myth

Before the world was spun from the Great Cycle, the universe was not but struggle. Light against Darkness. Order against Chaos. Creation against Destruction. The struggles of these eternal forces spun out the Greater Gods and the Cycle. The Cycle, in turn, spun out the world, separating light from dark, order from chaos, and creation from destruction.

But the world was empty and lifeless. So each of the gods created some new thing to place upon it. Earth. Fire. Beasts. Plants. Finally, to rule this world in their name, the gods created humanity, each god imbuing it with some gift in its creation. Thus are men and women varied and each possess some aspect of the gods.

Priestly Ranks
Rank Honorific Minimum Level
Novice Novice 0
Disciple Lightbearer 1
Priest Elder 4
Deacon Honored One 7
Arch Priest Reverend One 11
Arch-Deacon Most Reverend One 15
High Priest varies according to faith 19*
  • = There can only be one person of this rank
High Priest Honorifics
Faith Honorific
Arkal Binder of the Winds
Charad Bearer of the Flame
Hurir Rider of the Mare
Imtiau The Wings of Shadow
Ragane Roar of the Lion
Samal Binder of the Pack
Urskil Venom-tongue
Zhyor The Dragon’s Breath

Sianaean Pantheon

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