Shandor Azumed


Ancient Dhakranite monk and creator of Shandorian Dhakranism, a more martial form of the Way of Enlightenment.

The dhakra, or simply “The Way”, has its roots in many of the religious and philosophical practices of the ancient pre-Imperial tribes that wandered throughout the world during The Scattering. These practices are primarily of Southron origin. As these beliefs began to coalesce and breakaway from the dogmas of Mazranism and other religious systems, its adherents began to identify themselves as Dhakranites, or “followers of the Way”. They moved to the southern regions of Achera where they erected their temples and shrines along the Hanan Mountains.

Later, a monk-practitioner of the dhakra proposed to his disciples a new interpretation of the Eight-Fold Path, one that included precepts for the maintenance of both body and spirit and for the active protection of the weak or powerless. This monk, Shandor Azumed, drew more disciples and his splinter group of Shandorians left the mainstream temples of Dhakranism and formed their own sect, based primarily in the Jorani Mountains region of northern Achera.

Shandor Azumed

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