Savaric's Journal


I am Savaric, Master Hunter and Dragon Tamer. I have tracked, battled, and destroyed creatures from our world, and the next. This is my Bestiary, a list of all of the creatures I have fought and defeated. Within these pages you will learn their description, habits, and weaknesses.

Goat Demons

The Blood Beast of Staven- Unfortunately little is known about how common this creature is in the world. My party and I killed the only one known to us or the region. This creature lived in a damp, mossy den. It is a night predator, very nimble and seemed to make it’s way unhindered by darkness. It was camouflaged with black, almost iridescent scales. It had a reptilian smell and spiked feet in the shape of a chicken (out of game note: think chupacabra). Quick, powerful blows to the head seem to be most effective against this creature.


  • Cobalt- Red dragon like beast. Chatters to communicate with other. Confirmed night vision. Doesn’t like blunt force to the head.
  • Fire Drake- A flying dragon like creature about the size of a cow. Capable of breathing fire and attacking with its tail and talons. Harvesting the talons, or even just the teeth, can fetch a decent value on the market. The meat taste like “gamy chicken” even after a fresh kill. The best way to collect this price is to slash its neck when it nears the ground to attack. It can often be baited into doing so by shooting it out of the air with three arrows.
  • Rift Drake- Purple with red wings. Horned head and spikes cover the dragon’s hide. Watch out for it’s Savage Bite.
  • White- Also know as a Chromatic Dragon, considered to be of good alignment. The one we fought was a young medium sized dragon. They are immune to cold, sleep, and paralysis. They are weak to fire. They also have special abilities including Walk on Ice, Shape Ice, and Breath Ice. Their head has a crown of horns with a thin membrane stretched between them.


  • Blood Skeletons-These beings seem to be the reanimation of fallen heroes, usually through the use of some kind of magic. They have very little, if any, ability to reason beyond the desire to kill/protect their would-be master. They are still able to wield weapons and wear armor, especially if the former hero was adept in that gear. Blunt force seems to be effective, especially when applied to the cranium.
  • Goblin- Foul in sight and smell. All of my experiences with these creatures as shown them to be murderous evil parasites. Very low intellect. Best killed at a distance as to limit interaction with the creature and its stench as much as possible.
  • Yeti-Little is know about these large humanoids. They have some sort of “tribe culture,” as violent Yetis may be ostracized. They are rarely seen outside of the mountains, generally only descending to raid livestock. They are able to radiate cold and often strike fear in the hearts of lesser men with simple eye contact. My party and I have not yet encountered this creature ourselves, but I have a theory that the creature will be weakened by a force to the head with a flaming object.
  • Mushroom Men-

Humans – possibly the most craft and intelligent enemies you will have to face. It’s almost impossible to ever fully know their true motives. They come in an overwhelmingly wide variety of looks and colors. Don’t confuse friend and foe.

  • Followers of Yorn- There is some kind of loose ranking system among the followers of Yorn. Being a creature of chaos, it is somewhat hard to tell the difference in rank, especially because I have little interest in their god. It seems all of their members are sneaky assassins, their weapon of choice is a dagger, shooting out from the shadows. They also like to go for the face. They have the ability to go invisible, making it even harder to detect them when walking down closed corridors. From what I can tell, the members higher in the order use a mace, and have some skill in weaponized alchemy. All of these people should be treated as foes, when shown mercy they will no doubt stab you in the back or attempt to flee. Easiest way of killing them has been to slash them with a sword, however it’s much more satisfying to stab them back, in the face of course.
  • Yeti- Large, fearsomebut not much else is known. They usually live in the mountains and don’t come down other than to raid livestock. They have a paralyzing gaze and the ability to radiate cold. They have some kind of class system, violent Yetis have been kicked out of their tribe.


  • Blinking Dogs
  • One Eyed Others
  • Black Ooze
  • Were Wolves-
  • Dire Wolf- A typical wolf about the size of Serm’s horse. Very quick and quiet. We were attacked by this animal about 40 miles north of Kivlee. I suspect there are more in the area. The bites of this creature will hurt you, but not as much as you will it with a swift slash in the mouth.

(Out of game notes: Some entries have been improvised using guides/manuals online. This is because the original player for Savaric is no longer in regular attendance with our group and I have taken him over. However, no information listed here is outside of what would have been reasonably learned by the actual encounter. There are some instances that information was gained by the party’s knowledge of the world through successful knowledge checks, or through Savaric’s personal bias.)

Savaric's Journal

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