Sianaean Pantheon

Samal boxSamal (sa-MALL) the Wolf is a force of order and evil within the world. Within the Sianaen Pantheon, she is in constant struggle against her counterpart, Ragane the Lion.

Samal is primarily associated with Law, Evil, and Animals.


Originally aboriginal animal spirits, as the Sianaen civilization developed, so did their theology, allowing their spirit totems to ascend into the upper echelon of the Greater Pantheon. These deities are worshiped primarily by Sianaens, whether at home or abroad. Devotion to these deities failed to interest other lands and Sianae never developed what could be termed an empire.


Like all of the deities of the Greater Pantheon, the Wolf has opposition in the cycle in the form of Ragane, the Lion . Where Samal represents the formation of an evil society of predators, the Lion is a force of righteousness and law.

In Sianae, the Wolf is seen as a deadly beast and an omen of inevitable disaster.

Appearances and Emissaries

Like most other Sianaen deities, the Wolf takes on three different forms:

  • A huge, red-eyed variation of her namesake creature
  • A lean, muscular woman with blades for hands and fangs.
  • A woman with the head of a she-wolf

Worship of Samal

Followers of Samal believe in an orderly society in which only the strong survive. Justice or injustice come second this primary law of the wild. Followers revere strength and viciousness.

Worshipers and Clergy

Both strong men and strong women may serve the Samal as clerics.

Priests of Samal often mark themselves with elaborate Wolf tattoos that run from the face and down the neck onto the torso. They also wear flowing black and brown robes. All clergy also wear the symbol of the wolf’s head as a pendant.

Samal welcomes the worship of any who would be strong and take what Samal can offer.

Temples and Shrines

Sianaen pantheonWorship of the Sianaen Pantheon has not traveled far outside of that country. However, worship is tied directly into the ascension cycle of the ruling houses. When the Wolf is in power, temples tend to reap the benefits in gold and followers. When it is in decline, the temples suffer accordingly.

Temples to the Wolf tend to be built as outside the city and in a ring where the speaker is surrounded by his pack.

Holy Texts

The “Words of the Wolf” are a series of teachings from an early adherent to the ways of Samal. They are guarded by the high priest of Siannis.


Followers of the Wolf worship at night and especially so on the night of the Winter Solstice.


Certain devout followers of Samal may perform a daily ritual and receive a special blessing from the Wolf. Resting on an animal pelt, sit in a lotus-like position for as long as you can stand, reveling in the show of physical endurance, allowing the strength of body to focus the mind. Gain a +4 profane bonus to all Fortitude saves and Perception checks.


Samal does accept sacrifices, usually on the altar before the pack. These could include sacrifices of the blood of the weak.


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